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The reward is always towards the end

It was a race of 10 kilometers and all the ten contestants began to run at the sound of the gunshot. All ten had practised a lot for this race of their life. It was a tough contest between these ten ferocious runners. During the initial phase, it seemed as if the entire chunk of 10 human-cheetahs represented one team but as time and distance passed, few moved ahead of others and finally at the end of the race, there was only one winner who received the reward.
the reward is always towards the end,winner
All of us are pretty much aware that no plant grows without a seed or stem or fruit or leaf of it being planted. Even the employees don't get their salaries until the month end. There is no effect without a cause. This is the law of the universe. Rewards are always towards the end of our work. Only those who toil throughout the journey and reach the end within the prescribed boundaries and constraints reap the benefits of their work. No one who just intervenes in between or joins hands in the start of the work is eligible for the final reward, though s/he can be considered for acknowledgement. Everyone can start something but not everyone works towards completing that something that they start together. It requires great commitment and passion towards achieving completion. More than the work, the commitment gets rewarded, but only towards the end.

It's strange that people expect 100% reward for 1% input sometimes. Just because someone contributes towards some part of the work at the beginning, s/he cannot be entitled for the reward. If the rest hadn't taken the project to completion then there would be no value for that some part contribution. Everyone has ideas but an idea which is not executed is equivalent to a shadow - nothingness. Hence the executors of the idea who take the idea from its conception to its inception are eligible to reap the rewards and not those who join hands initially but leave hands later. Hence, focus on completing whatever you take up, else don't desire for the reward which you don't deserve, because the reward is always towards the end.
Think about it, when do trees bear fruits? After the tree has been nurtured well. When do students receive annual awards? After the year is completed, after the work is done. So go, finish your To-Do day after day, week after week, year after year.. Your reward is waiting!

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Mohan BN
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