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Once, it so happened that I was having a discussion with one of my mentors on some topic, and I learnt a beautiful thing that there lies a small line that differentiates "Fear of failure" and "Fear of not being successful". This sounds very casual but the depth of it is immense, if you can actually think and analyze it well. If you haven't come across or thought about such a thing, just try to figure out the difference once. You might have come across such a situation at some point of time but couldn't understand what exactly it meant!

The thin line of difference sums up everything. When a person goes across a series of failures, s/he hesitates to attempt, to try next time just because of fear of failing again. That fear of hesitation is nothing but the "fear of failure". The other thing is the feeling of fear - "What if I don't become successful?" It's most important to figure out which kind of fear are we facing. If one can convert her/his fear of failure into fear of not being successful, s/he can definitely accomplish the motto!
Most importantly, never should one be downtrodden because of failures nor should one be carried away by success, because both of them are temporary, fortunately or unfortunately! If one can balance himself/herself amidst both and sail across both the situations, only then can s/he be successful in life. Never should one stop his/her journey due to temporary complications that s/he comes across. If today you wish to be something or do something, you just have to jump into it and keep filling the pot of efforts with belief without thinking about the pot of results. The result would be nothing more than success or failure! But, your efforts will definitely bear fruits one or the other day. In the same way, whatever we do or learn never goes waste. It may or may not bear fruits immediately, but definitely will show up the results or come into use one day when we are badly in need of it! This is one such beautiful thing that I learnt of how one can convert a negative thought into a positive thought to take things forward in life!

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Aashitha R Pade
Aashitha R Pade is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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