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FIFA world Cup 2014

It's the end of a month long extravaganza! The best of all tournaments of the most popular sport came to a close with the Germans winning it beating the Argentines. This World Cup was the best out of all previous World Cups. It was held in Brazil, the country with most number of football fanatics. This World Cup was the most watched World Cup compared to the previous ones. This World Cup also had many problems even before it started. There were many protests by the citizens opposing the hosting of the tournament. There were also many casualties reported during the construction of the stadiums.

This all added to the festive of the World Cup. This year's opening ceremony wasn't up to the mark like that of the last year's. The matches started with a bang. There were also many upsets and surprise packages!
FIFA world cup 2014,Football
Ghana surprised everyone with their performance, and so did England, Spain & Portugal! Spain was thrashed by the Germans! Then came the bite by Luis Suarez of Uruguay! His best way to tackle the defenders! He was rightly punished for it.

In the semi-finals something no one imagined happened! Brazil was thrashed by the Germans 7-1; their worst defeat ever. During that match, over 1 million TV's were switched off in Brazil! In the other semis the Argentines beat the Dutch through the penalties and reached the finals after 28 years.

It was Germany v/s Argentina in the Finals- a match that was surely going to be a toast to watch in which the ultimate winner was going to be the wonderful sport itself! After a long wait of 112 minutes a goal was finally scored by the Germans, courtesy Goetze who was substituted in for Miroslav Klose and did justice to the change. He scored the goal of the match. That was the first instance where the Argentines conceded a goal in the extra time. It was also the first time in this World Cup where the Argentines were behind! This is soccer and anything can happen! The Germans ultimately won the World Cup! James Rodriguez was awarded the Golden Boot and Messi the Golden Ball!
This was all about the biggest sporting event of 2014!


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