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Piece of Mind

I read this note on Facebook by a journalist called Niveditha from the Indian Express today (Note : Yes I Wear a Bra and it shows, So?) God! It did shake me a little. I really started thinking about the world we are leaving for our children. And, more importantly the children we are leaving to the world. I guess we crib a lot, a lot about a particular "somebody" who we think has to stop being stupid, stop stereotyping, stop judging women and just stop the abuse of women. News is that we found the "somebody" and **taadaaaan** It is me! Yes and there's more to it, I am not alone. There are people with me, or so I believe. I am that guy who gets surprised to see how ignorant we are. Yes we are. I was speaking at a college the other day. I was speaking about "what change means" and the "change" really surprised me that the biggest change I noticed is that people don't put their gadgets away, not even put them to silence. Seriously? Inspire? I am worried.
piece of mind,ignorance
If something as simple as this is not understood, if making sense is considered boring, if putting your foot down and saying "don't" when someone does something stupid is uncool, the fault is mine! The fault is ours! We started the ignorance. Somewhere we said growing up is bad for our culture. We started the "westernization" issues - all of that is happening, but it's a different kind of ignorance that is now creating issues.

I just can say if a tiny dyslexic, Cerebral palsic 25 year old guy can "be the Change" all of you can. There's one tip; just one damn tip to fix all the issues that we have today. Trust me all issues have one solution - #STOP_IGNORANCE. Enough Said.

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Ajit Babu
Ajit Babu is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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