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In the midst of oceans of expectations the ships of young dreams sail through their blowing mast to reach their shoes of success.

This is an article that reopens the scenario that is well experienced but never analyzed and sought out the right way. I have made my 20 revolutions around the sun and have learnt from many situations as everyone else. This article is dedicated to the country of youth that is aspiring, inspiring and courageous - India.

Our life can be compared with a ship with mast...

We all, in our early 20's or two or three years before do have a tendency that whatever we do is correct and we can do everything we want to. As a famous saying goes "a sharp knife can cut anything, but what should it cut?" This is how we all are captains of the ships of our life with fuel of our enthusiasm powered with young blood, but many lack direction as every sailor should know that no wind can help him if he doesn't know what his destination is.
So many dreams in our lives have fulfilled and many have been waiting. We keep thinking about the correct time to launch, but we forget that it is this very moment. Failures are a part of our journey. Mr. Bharath GC once told me that the more we stretch the bow farther goes the arrow. Here are some points that may be useful to many people who are stuck in their lives waiting for the right moment to launch.

1. Remember that what is dreamt can always be fulfilled if we aspire to fulfill it.
2. The ways to do may be easy or challenging or may not be there at all. Then we must know that every way existing was once discovered.
3. Failures come, come and come again. Have faith!
4. After a lot of emotional trips, search for the information about the work available, analyse, summarise and then conclude.
5. Friends, while dealing with people directly we should take care of the practical situations. Unfold all pages; even a single situation is important.
6. Never compare yourself with anybody else, except yourself.
In the modern era, in our fast lives we tend to take decisions as a fighter jet pilot in a fraction of a second and then try and figure out the situation. That is why I compared our lives to a ship where we have ample amount of time to react to situations and analyzse them.

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Shubham Saswat Mohanty
Shubham Saswat Mohanty is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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