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6 ways to be Happy

People ask me how am I smiling all the time and do I ever feel sadness? Have I ever cried? What keeps me so happy? How can I not get burdened by the difficulties in life? What keeps me going?

These are the 6 steps to be happy:

1. Let go of the Desires:

It's a human tendency to crave for more and when we don't get what we want we feel sad. Letting go of desires is not that easy, but it's not impossible either. All that is required is a little bit of will power and you will see your life becoming happier than ever.

2. Not thinking about what people will think of you:

Many of us hesitate from doing anything just because we think too much about what people might think of us. Many of us think 'if I do this I will be labeled a freak' or 'if i don't follow them they will make me an outcast'. Rather than being a trendsetter we tend to be trend-followers.

We are too scared of the society we live in. We are scared that we won't fit in it. We are scared that if we do something different, we will be branded as shameless, we will be called names. Question is why do we listen to them? If I want to dance in the middle of the street, then I shall. If I want to do commerce instead of engineering then I shall, if I want to work for myself rather than work for someone else then I shall. No one gets to question my decisions. If I fail, I will learn, if I fall, I will get up, dust myself and move on.
6 ways to be happy,live happily
3. Take Risks:

Following from doing what you want, taking risk is the other part of the same coin.

I was someone who never took any kind of risks. I always played it safe and i regretted later on. Then, one day someone came and told me, 'Life is all about risks, No risk, No gain'. Simple words right? For someone who thinks a lot like me, it meant the world. I started thinking about the words that I heard few minutes back, it kept rolling over again like a tape stuck in the Tape recorder. I decided once or twice; it won't hurt now, would it? What would be the worst that could happen? If I take a risk and fail, I will learn something new. If I don't, then I am the biggest gainer there is. Right?

And to be really honest, more often than not, taking risks has always paid off. Once or twice it didn't, but the success rates are pretty amazing! The rush and excitement that you get out of doing something with an unknown outcome is just amazing. You can't help it but feel happy and in the end you always end up with some crazy stories that you could tell your kids or grandkids one day.

4. Never Regret:

We regret so much, our lives are filled with regret; we always think there could have been a better result or an outcome that favoured you somehow. All this just makes us sad, feel bad about ourselves. Once you have decided on something, just do it and if the result is something that you didn't want then don't be sad, because you just gave yourself a chance. There are not many people who do this, but those who do are the ones who are the happiest. Always remember, everything happens for a reason and that reason is always good. Something bad happened to you? Good. It may seem like the world is ending at that point of time, but later on, you will realise and be glad that it happened. Now don't tell me this has never happened to you.
5. A Good Deed a day keeps sadness at bay:

I have been someone who believes in 'Sharing is caring' and 'Give someone happiness and one day happiness will return to you' kind of guy and I keep doing these random acts of kindness to people because seeing them smile makes me smile. I feel so happy when a random stranger's day is made because I saw him shouting on the phone, stressing some points to someone and suddenly he receives this cold coffee from me with a note that says "Life is about chilling and not chilla-ouing," and he smiles reading it. Silly as it may seem but it did give me happiness. Didn't you smile when you read it?

6. Don't kill the child in you:

Often we, in a hurry to fit in to the society, try to mature as soon as possible. We want to earn soon, so that we can spend it sooner. We want to work soon, get some responsibilities, do something worthwhile, and not to forget our schools and colleges where learning is secondary to scoring marks and mugging up things we will probably never use in our whole life. Somewhere down the line we have forgotten that we used to be kids, when being naughty meant stealing the remote from your siblings hand and running like you don't care, sleeping till 12 in the afternoon, getting up just to gorge on your mum's food and sleeping again, going to the park at sharp 4 in the evening to play on the jungle gym. Somewhere in our day-to-day life we have killed our innocence, the small kid in us who used to play in the puddle when it rained, skip tiles while walking back home on the footpath. Go out and order an ice cream soda instead of that beer/coffee. Randomly sing rhymes whenever you feel like. Just don't let the kid in you die.

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