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Be Yourself

Life is short.

This is one sentence I never took seriously in my whole life. I used to think, "what life is short re? 90 tak I can live, work somewhere and chill out in life."

I have never been so wrong in my entire life. Four years of my Engineering life whizzed past my face like a F1 race. I got placed (Fortunately or Unfortunately, I don't know) in my last year somehow, and within no time I was sitting in front of a computer, copy pasting away to glory.

STOP! I told myself one day. Is this what I want? I asked myself.

I'm still young, just 22. I'm not supposed to be in an office doing a 9-6 job like a donkey, mindlessly copy pasting things that even a 9th std. kid can do. Engineering itself was useless; I pursued my engineering thinking of going into the mobile manufacturing stream but by the end of 4th year I was so desperate for a job that I took anything that came at me, and I did. This guilt will never go. I didn't learn jack shit from engineering; just made friends and some good memories.
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I left office early that day, came back, packed my bags and by night bus I went home. I couldn't take it anymore. I need to refresh. Someone who has a lot more things to do, better things to do in life, doing something that is redundant as shit; same thing over and over.

Stop before you get trapped in this web. Life is short indeed. You are already in your teens by now! Take the bag, pack up your stuff. Go on a road trip, see the world, see how difficult it's to live in this world. Go out. Take a risk. Do something you had the passion for, do something you like, not what others want you to do. You are still young. Even if you fail, you have enough time and energy to get up, dust yourself and start again. Believe in yourself. Half of us won't even try thinking about the failures.

Everyone can see the problem. But finding the solution to it, no one will do nor will anyone try. Implementing it? Forget it. "Itna paseena kyu bahaye? Rs. 25000 ki naukri se khush hai sahab." Until and unless you take a risk and try to stand up for yourself, there is nothing you can do. No one has achieved anything by being behind the computer screen and working for someone else. Sit behind the screen and work for yourself.

Take that risk. Be someone. Be different. Be yourself.

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Ahaan Pandit
Ahaan Pandit is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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