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Robert Frost caps it beautifully in "The Road not Taken", follow the crowd or do your own thinking and stand out. Either way you have a choice to make. It is that thing that is presented in two or more folds but only the option of one is permissible. Around and near, far and wide, choices abound, decisions confront us every now and then, some critical with split seconds demands that can make or unmake us, others less demanding yet vital in the scheme of our everyday sojourn. Is it that decision of ending that relationship that is sapping all your energy and taking you to the "Republic of Nowhere"? Or is it that bold choice of choosing to shut the doors of the negative addictions that take away a chunk of your time? Whether it is going as far as you can in becoming your dream self or be at the peak of your career or even visit every country on planet earth. Choices matter, the decisions you make every now and then matter, they add up in totality to have a long lasting impact on where you go from now. What you achieve at any given point in time be it losing weight or gaining those extra biceps depends largely on the choices you make whether tacitly, latently or in a manifest manner.
All in all, the choice of one person matters and that is none other than you. That is the singular most significant part of life that no one can do for you. You can have everything done by others for you and that includes conception of children, but to have someone think on your behalf, that is a big NO, someone doing that for you literally means that the agenda of that fellow is at the forefront comparatively. No one can think for you, the earlier you come to terms with the fact that your parents are responsible for your upbringing which includes socialization in society and not responsible for your success in life the more prudent, it will help you churn out positive choices looking ahead.

Now the thing about choices is that, you are not always going to get it right, that's for sure. I can bet my last bottom dollar on this, you are going to be hit by some huge typhoons owning to your choices. Failure can stand out manly and dish it out to you; 'dude, you failed because you made the wrong choice'. That is absolutely true and alright, there is nothing wrong with you if it happens this way. When you make wrong choices, the salient thing you can do is be calm, think through your actions and inactions and instead of letting it drain you regrettably, draw inspiration from it, you can maul over it a little while but be quick to encourage yourself. Another rude awakening in life is that, a lot of times we wait for someone other than ourselves to encourage and spur us on, whilst that is fine, you might not have someone coming around all the time when you are down. So, the best thing you do then is to seek inspiration from within, gird your loins and move on.

Be unfazed by wrong choices, bask with faith in your maker and yourself, keep rocking. Whilst the journey will be hard and rough sometimes keep surging and always do remember that the kind of future you want depends on you, you and you; it's your life, it's your choice!

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Michael Dale-Asiedu
Michael Dale-Asiedu is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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