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City Bus Stop

There is a small city bus stop just nearby where I reside and I've straight front view of it from my terrace. It's very old with two benches, roof on the top and with entry/exit options available at both ends. Certainly it's one of the crowded places around during day time.

From the moment sun rises, bus stop starts getting occupied with people. Everyone wait for their precise bus. People use benches to sit while waiting for their buses. Roof at the top protect them from high sky in sunny days and rain too throughout cloudy days. Buses regularly come and go. There are never any announcements for next buses, you just have to wait. Some people's buses come on time, someone's late and someone's early. People wait to get picked up by right buses to follow their own destiny. Some leave one bus and wait for another bus while some end their journey there. Without break, it goes on till the end of the day. And at last, in night, it's just an old city bus stop talking to itself in dark silence.
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Compared to many places in the city, bus stop seems so boring and hardly someone prefers to hang out there. Whether we like it as a place or not, truth is, in every one's life, there comes a time called city bus stop period. By this I don't mean a boring time but a time or period when people wait for their right buses in order to pursue their destiny. It can be any period of life. It can be a time when people wait for opportunity that will lead them to their fortune. It can be a time when people leave journey of one bus with a hope to start a new journey. And it also can be a time when people decide to end busy journey and head towards home. But with any of these periods of life, there are some things which remain identical. With every bus stop period, there is always a roof to protect you from hard things in hard time. There is always a bench for you to rest if you get tired doing hard work or want to rest before starting your journey or in between two journeys. And, third and most important is, bus comes for everyone in spite of whether it's sunny days or rainy, whether it's good time or bad, whether it's early or late. And, I call this period of life as city bus stop period.

So, whenever you feel that you are passing through a city bus stop period in life, remember three things: there will always be a roof to protect you, a bench to rest and last, your bus will come to you. You just have to work hard; you just have to be patient. Never, never ever lose hope because at last, no one ends up being there, and it will be just an old city bus stop talking to itself in dark silence.

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Ram Joshi
Ram Joshi is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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