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Exchange Memories

The supple touch of His affection moistens earth's being. People say it's rain; I say it's zephyr. Cool breeze kisses the forehead and assures that life is still beautiful. The fragrance of raw spirit evokes beautiful memories. The pristine ambience brings life back in a zombie. Blessed is the soul which is alive.

The downpour leaves a sense of fulfillment and a smile on the face. It is an epitome of a new beginning that purges the mortal of all his sins. Man-made inventions devoid of life and beauty appear rejuvenated. Making caricatures on windows, children find a reason to rejoice. Birds flutter their wings to dry themselves. The trees look as fresh as a new born. The neighbour next door takes the dry clothes from the terrace and gets drenched herself.

Only if we could cleanse our soul as often as God cleanses Mother Nature with His tears, we would be able to look ourselves in the eyes. Scarcity of His tears leaves the earth burning with temperature and seeking forgiveness for its sins. Human beings though suffer forget to seek forgiveness. May be shedding a few tears is not wrong. The outburst of emotions doesn't portray that one is weak. However, it proves that somewhere in the corner of his heart feelings still reside.
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Emotions have a very peculiar characteristic trait. They not only have impact on the soul where they originated from but spread like a viral infection. A newborn's smile brings tears in his mother's eyes. His first step curves into a smile on his father's lips. His first prank makes him giggle and infuriates his sibling.

Life moves on as he grows up and brings a new life in the world. He reaches a stage wherein he plays the dual role of spreading and receiving love and affection. Emotions are at their zenith at this point of time. The clock of his biological life reaches half way mark and his shoulders start drooping. During these years he never looked back to see the footprints that he left on the sands of time, the mistakes he committed, and the blessings he earned. All the memories were stored and locked away because he was scared to face the truth, or to be precise, face the imperfect life that he lived.
Isn't there a striking similarity between you and the individual discussed above? He represents all the imperfect mortals who possess those beautiful perfect memories bubbling under the surface.

Let the rain purge your sins. Relive the life that you had conveniently forgotten about.

Emotions differentiate a human from a beast. Don't hide them in a closet. Bring them to the forth and let this dead world know that you are alive with a heart that beats, cries and forgives.

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Shreyasi R. Phukon
Shreyasi R. Phukon is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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