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From a mere thought to a message to the Universe

Once a famous Bollywood flick said, "When your heart yearns for something with the best intentions, then the whole universe comes into play to bring you what your heart seeks."

This thought provoking line from the movie soon turned to a mantra among the people. What is it that this particular statement is trying to convey? There certainly seems to be a deeper meaning that lies in between these words.

'Think positive' would be a statement we would have been tired of listening to by now. However, how would a mere thought possibly make some difference? If we try to look closely into this activity of thoughts or a thought process, we could liken it to a crowded market, where people from different places, different spheres of life come into this space. Similarly, a thought process works inside your mind with hundreds of thoughts rushing through your head at a time. In both the cases it's not an easy job to control them, but not impossible either.
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Right from a Bollywood flick and forever nagging words "be positive" to an international best- seller 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne, reach out the same message to people out there again and again, which ultimately stresses on the magnanimity of the significance of the message that it carries. If you could enter the world inside your head where you stand there to be the creator, every entity there exists because of your thoughts. You are the creator there and you are the destroyer of the world you have created; it functions on your orders. How about turning this world inside your head at present to how you have always wanted your future in the real word to be. Seeing yourself achieve what you have always wanted to, rather believe it to be the real, could be a joyous moment though it could last for a few seconds. Wouldn't that still make you feel good? Those momentary seconds of the "feel good" creates some positivity around you which in itself turns out to be the driving force of achievement or success. On the other hand, with those very same thoughts, once when you start feeling your aspirations to be farfetched this could certainly bring you down. When what you seek for seems out of your reach, then the whole gusto with what you began with to reach your goal dies down which would soon be followed by compromises and dissatisfaction, and ultimately, you don't belong to that beautiful world which was created by none other than you!

These positive thoughts, dreams, inspirations and aspiration are not the only ingredients to this soul satisfying dish called success. The co-founder of Google, Lawrence Page once said, "Inspiration needs perspiration." These ingredients are only the basic raw materials for the dish without which it turns out to be a building without a basement, and would eventually collapse. There is no path in this universe which is free from hurdles and glitches; the essence of your journey would only stand out on how well and carefully you cross these hurdles, as these hurdles are never the endpoint of your journey but only a check point. While you travel further the gargantuan journey only seems worthwhile as you pass through the mile stone with a fuel called determination. The most profound thought that you would have discovered as the final destination that seems closer would be to keep the zest and spirit within alive. Only then would every moment of your journey turn out to be a celebration! That would be to stay hungry and crave for your success during a storm rather than to quit. The destination is the only reason for your entire journey; hence, all roads lead to your destination as long as you know what your destination is.

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K.S. Sharanya Iyer
K.S. Sharanya Iyer is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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