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Prepare Yourself for Social Transformation

Ironies, paradoxical practices, superstitions and in-human rituals: we are still surrounded by many such practices, which force us to think if we are living in the 21st century? The science has progressed, but the scientific temper has yet to make its progress. A close observation will force you to shun the practices that you have been ignoring just because you don't feel like asking questions. Sometimes, you may even fail to notice the evil which might be there in your own city. Everytime you see an injustice, and your blood is boiling you can't control yourself; you find it hard to accept, and prepare yourself for a new journey. The journey of social transformation. The path is difficult and torturous but it just waits for you. You have to start the journey and people will follow you. The beginning for a good cause is about to start.

Either we are the part of the rut or we are the change makers,

Either we are the followers, or we are the leaders

Either we lack courage, or we face oppositions

Either we sit as back-benchers, or we create the change

Either we remain spectator, or we stand by the truth

The students of marketing talk about product life cycle wherein they describe how a product appears in the market, survives, grows, declines and ultimately gets replaced by other products. I shall talk about the life cycle of social change movement. Every social change is initially opposed, later recognised and ultimately venerated. The heroes of the past are those who faced lot of social opposition, social protests and even ostracisation. They persisted, continued on the right path and ultimately the society had to recognise their contribution.
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Once, I was talking to Ishwarbhai Patel, the person who has been called Mr. Toilet for his commitment to the cause of sanitation in India. When I was talking to Mr. Patel, he had already received great admiration for his work. So, I asked him whether he received any opposition from the society for his work. He started laughing and shared many encounters of social boycott, ostracisation and opposition that he faced. He firmly asserted that you have to give shock to the society. I would like to share his own words here: "My aunt came to stay with me . My cook was from a scavenger family. My aunt came to know after some time. She threatened that she would create opposition for me in village. I counter threatened her that I would inform people that she had taken food prepared by that person. Then she cooled down. So you have to give shock to the society to change it."

Society consists of chameleons who keep speaking certain things but practise the opposite. You will have to take a firm stand somewhere and stick to those ideas. If opposing the society brings happiness, prosperity and good ideas, do it now. Raise your voice and you will find many followers. There are plenty of issues for which your voice may be the first starting point. As a social transformer you will have to be prepared to face the four tough periods : -

a. Social Ignorance

b. Social Opposition

c. Social division

d. Social recognition

When you speak out the truth and oppose the current practice, people will initially ignore you. As your voice becomes stronger and some people start noticing you, be preared for the second phase - social opposition. The opposition can be as strong as ostracisation. This is the beginning of your success. When you find the dark clouds all around, don't just give up; this is the beginning of the new phase. Ultimately you will find some followers for you also. Raise your voice and take people with you for the noble cause and there will be division in the society. Ultimately the social transition will give way to your method and you will succeed. Social recognition will come your way and will help you in your work. Let us all raise our ability to withstand the social pressure, because the truth is our journey and it will help us in all our confusions.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazin

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