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Unmask yourself, unmask life

The other day, when I got back from work, the TV was on at home. An ad was playing, and the famous Kannada actor Sudeep was saying,

"Lord Brahma has four faces, Ravan had ten faces.. But we humans, have a million faces, and we hide it behind one mask.."

How true is that!!

Don't we all have so many sides to ourselves, and yet try to 'fit' into one 'identity', which is our mask to the world? There lies a kid in each one of us, who loves to play in the sand and water, who loves to get drenched in the rain, who loves to be lost in day-dreaming. There lies a person who loves to give selflessly, who loves to bring smiles upon faces, who loves to love. There also lies a person within us who loves to receive when others give selflessly, who loves to smile when others make us smile and who loves to be loved.
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There's a teacher somewhere in the corner of our soul, hidden with a knowledge of something that no one else around can explain the way we can. There lies a doctor who can heal some sort of wounds, in a way no one else can; there lies an experienced soul which can help the new in ways unimaginable.

And yet, we need a mask to cover this very complex definition of us, because when somebody comes and asks you who you are, you need to have an answer, and you can't possibly tell a stranger what all you actually are!

I know a lot of people who use masks which are not them at all. They are the introverted, sensitive, lovely people who would love nothing but peace, kindness and sensitivity around them; and yet their mask is one that depicts a strong, extroverted, tough individual who can handle anything that comes his way. I'm not saying introverted and sensitive people can't handle anything that comes their way- hardly so in fact- but the exterior can be very misleading.

Don't waste half your energy in pretending outside to be someone you're not on the inside, then you can't completely focus on what you're doing.

Don't hide behind the mask, dare to be yourself. Using a mask to conceal the strength in you will only hide the amazing power within you, and amazing powers aren't given to you so that you can mask them! They're given to you to be used- so throw away the mask, and you will see something very beautiful- when you unmask yourself to life, life unmasks itself to you..

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Sandhya Nagaraj
Sandhya Nagaraj is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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