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Build Brand Through People : Launch a Journey of Self Discovery

Alternately it is You v/s You

- In trouble there is No One to Help You. If You do Good there is No one to Praise You.
You have to Rely on Factors like
  • Hope
  • Energy
  • Awareness
  • Belief
  • Rising Above the Ordinary
  • Adopt a Positive and practical Approach to life.

Image is Power :- Image is a tool that will Guarantee success, But only when you are aware of this and also process the know-how to USE IT.
For a PERSON the Important Aspects are for IMAGE.
  • Truth
  • Credibility
  • Customisation
  • A Non Comprising Philosophy
  • Growth
  • Research
  • Independence

  • Plan - Establish objectives and process necessary to deliver results in accordance to customer requirement and organizational policies
  • Do - Implement the process
  • Check - Monitor & measure process and products against
  • Check policies, objectives, requirements.
  • ACT - take Action & Improve continuously.
 build brand,self discovery
Our Plan is Focused on Making the Emotional Connection with the Customers, Creating an easy and Right Buying Experience

- To become a leader in Performance & Execution and making a great place to work with.

Marketing Strategy:-
  • Strong Value Creation - At the Customers End.
  • Strong Internal Marketing - At the Internal Team end.

The 4 A's of Marketing will come in
  1. Acceptability Value
  2. Affordability Value
  3. Accessibility Value
  4. Awareness Value

Weekly MIS Reports - Marketing [ monthly ,Quarterly, half yearly, yearly ]


Marketing Plan :- The WINNING Team consists of people directed towards achieving the team's Goals and Objectives. For Excellence such a group thereby becomes a TEAM. When EACH member is instilled with such individual confidence and pride in his or her contribution that praise can be readily given to the abilities of others then the total performance of the group can excel.

Team Work and Team Leadership

Team work as a form of Cooperation. Team Workers has two kind of objectives.
  1. Co-ordination
  2. Innovation

Team work is a MEASURE to open horizontal communication and add ELASTICITY to the Entire Organization. Objectives and Performance Reviews give basis for Coordination. Team work helps in sharing Management Objectives. The Synergy Effect = 1+1=3 is associated with Team Work. Team Work should lead to Constructive & Positive Results. Team leadership makes the team perform by getting the resources of the team out in the open.

  • Building a Synergetic outcome.
  • Reinforcing the Team Resources by way of Team
  • Team work facilities, Management & Leadership improves Communication and Saves Time.

Types of Teams :-

  1. Management Teams
  2. Functional Team
  3. Project Team
  4. Committees
  5. Quality Teams
  6. Production Team
  7. Sales Team

Types of Team Work
  • Dictational Teamwork
  • Compromise Teamwork

Change Management : Starts with Redefining

The purpose of the organization in the light of fully analyzed External change should come from inside. Reforms right from the Top have to take place. If they don't they shall. The Art of a people is a TRUE MIRROR of their MINDS.

- Planning in Details. Power of Action is Not what You Do - But what you do not do.
To make life Meaningful You Need a Purpose. Everything in this Planet has a Divine Purpose. Only Man has the knowledge to understand the purpose - Understanding the purpose is the GOAL. How you go about it is a Science. TRACK: Your purpose explains what you are doing with your life. Your Vision explains how you are living. Your purpose and your goal enable you to realize your Vision. Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one till you get there. If you do not know where you are going now, it will take you there. Path to Create Your FUTURE

  1. Set Networking Goals
  2. Block out time for Networking.
  3. People your preferred Client
  4. Care to others First
  5. Create a Relationship Data Base
  6. Master Good

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