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Author, Filmmaker, Grounded Spiritualist - Jeff Brown


Jeff Brown is a former criminal lawyer and a psychotherapist. He is the author of the best-selling book Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation, and a popular book of spiritual graffiti- ascending with Both Feet on the Ground. Endorsed by Oprah, Soul Series radio host Elizabeth Lesser, authors Oriah Mountain Dreamer and Katherine Woodward Thomas. Ascending is a collection of some of Jeff's most popular spiritual graffiti quotes, soul-bytes and aphorisms frequently shared in social media. He has been interviewed by CNN radio, appeared on Fox, and written popular inspirations for ABC Good Morning America. He is also the author of the viral blog- Apologies to the Divine Feminine (from a warrior in transition) and the producer and key journeyer in the award winning spiritual documentary - Karmageddon, which also stars Ram Dass, Seane Corn, David Life, Deva Premal and Miten. His newest book Love It Forward is now published. Endorsed by best-selling authors Andrew Harvey and Caroline Myss, Love It Forward is another book of Jeff's most impactful quotes and writings, with a strong emphasis on love and relationship quotes. You can check out his work at

Tell us about your educational background.

I barely made it through high school, and then went on to do a B.A in Psychology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, a Law degree (LLB) at the University of Toronto Law School, a Masters Degree in Psychology at Saybook Graduate School in San Francisco.

Why did you choose writing as your profession?

I did not choose it. It chose me. I haven't stopped since 2001.

What are the challenges involved in writing a book?

The main challenges are, trying to balance economic life with a creative life, trying to stay focused when personal life issues block the creative path, and keeping the body open so that the creative channel can stay active.
Jeff Brown,inspiration
When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I had many glimpses of this calling in my teen age years and very strong indications in my twenties when I sat down to write and felt a sacred purpose coming alive inside me.

How long does it take you to write a book?

My first book took 6 years, working on it for about half the time. My next two books only took a few months to put together. The love story I am working on now has been in creative process for almost 3 years, off and on.

The best experience that you had as a writer.

The best experience was when I picked up the first edition of Soulshaping from the printer at the end of 2007. That was a beautiful moment.

What are the responsibilities of a writer according to you?

To honour one's voice truthfully and dutifully.
What is the best reward for a writer in your view?

Those moments when you can fully express your voice so that nothing is left in doubt. In this world where so few get the opportunity to speak their truths, I savor every moment when I get to express mine.

Your message to all the budding writers.

Sit down and write, and stay there for as long as you have to until the voice comes through you. Sometimes it takes years to perfect the craft, and sometimes decades. It is hard work, so be realistic about what it will take. If you are lazy, don't write.

Your message to our readers.

Do everything you can to find your sacred purpose in your life. That is where you've to focus all your attention. For when you find it, your life is elevated and deepened in magical ways.

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