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Get over the Hangover

How many of us follow our dreams? How many of us do repeatedly the same even if that doesn't give a good outcome? How many have the courage to leave a good going job just to follow their dreams to an unpredicted future?

If you are the one who has this courage, you must add this young man to your list.

Mr. Dhruv Trivedi, living in a small town, has followed his dream and now is the CEO and Founder of Reinvent Life Sciences LLP and Topspin Tennis International.

Let's open our worlds to his story now!

He belongs to a normal middle-class family in Bharuch, Gujarat. He came to Mumbai for further studies after his 12th Std, and now has successfully completed B.Tech in Biotechnology from Padmashree Dr. D.Y.Patil University. After working for couple of years in pharmaceutical sales and product development, he started his own company. He pursued his idea of Anti-Dizz! He followed his dreams, and today, he is awarded with some very significant titles such as;

1. Winner of "Antahprerana" - a national start-up competition organized by TiE Bangalore - 2013.
2. Selected to the prestigious Sirius programme as an Elite graduate entrepreneur by the UKTI - (UK Trade & Investment) - 2014.
3. Entrepreneurship Excellence Award - Nutraceuticals - given by World Medical Council - MediBizTV - 2014
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"My youth wasn't that tremulous, but what shook me was my 12th Science Board Exams, which I wasn't able to clear in the first attempt due to some serious family issues. Things were falling apart, and many times a thought of dropping out haunted me. But my parents kept my hopes high and encouraged to give a retry. Then, after 4 months I reappeared for my exams and cleared them."

He enrolled for engineering and stood third in the university. He was always in the top 5 percentile of the class. "This entire chapter gave me the confidence and belief to pursue whatever I wanted in life," says the young entrepreneur. He always yearned to do business, innovate and create value for people but planned to do all that in his mid-thirties.

Like every other engineer, he had plans to work for couple of years and then take the CAT and try and enter IIMs for MBA. He appeared for CAT in 2010 and scored a decent 93.4 percentile. But then as destiny plays its role, he decided to at least register a company and an idea of a product struck his creative mind. And, here it was the invention of Anti-Dizz! - India's first anti-hangover drink.

"As a Gujarati, I was always surrounded by risk taking entrepreneurs. I was inspired by Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani and Sir Richard Branson," recollects Mr. Dhruv Trivedi. His dream was to create a venture that hatches value for his investors and consumers alike, a venture that would endow the growth story of India - creating employment and growing economy. "My Father - he is a successful entrepreneur who has proved that one can succeed even if all the odds are against you. He is an inspiration and mentor in one. Then came along Sri Dhirubhai Ambani and Sir Richard Branson to be my inspirations," Dhruv informs. "Mr. Shekar Prabhakar has also played a prominent role in inspiring me on my way to establish the company," he mentions.
The most challenging situation for Mr. Dhruv was to persevere his venture without any resources. "We started by bootstrapping and are still working our way up. The entire journey was challenging and I'm proud of the fact that we did not 'Quit'," he says proudly. He says, "Self-Belief, Perseverance and Grit played a prominent role in achieving this position. Being the CEO and handling the day to day working, strategy, finances and marketing for our ventures has been the best part of my life. It gives immense happiness."

His immensely motivational message for our readers is- "Don't be a perfectionist when beginning your journey as an entrepreneur. Do not avoid confrontations. Have the difficult conversations. Learn persuasion. Don't be obsessed with your idea. Create what your consumers want. Invest in yourself. Create a brand for yourself. Keep learning. Do it. Love it. Don't settle for less."

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