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A lot loved

If loving was to please,
then I haven't loved any.
If winning was to cease,
then I didn't win any.

If the waves had paused,
to impress its earth,
then it's still not love for me.
a lot loved,happy
There it rose like the macaw suns,
to impress it's lady earth.
And here it died down,
a brave suicide,
to impress it's lady earth.
I still find no love,
in the waves or in me.

But I find love in the lady earth,
who gave its every gravel,
for the stagnant waves so brave.
and said, "I will let you love me"

Now I have been loved,
by a father and a mother,
all these years with the heart of feather,
no greater love than them,
and what I gave back,
the father and the mother,
was still not love for me.

If loving was to please,
then I haven't loved any,
my brothers, my sisters, I speak.
I was the pleaser,
torn and hurt,
but never ever loved,
loved by any in the quest.

A lot loved was just a phrase,
loved my meager pleasers.
For when the real love comes,
you will always speak,
with the strength of the earth,
"I will let you love me"

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Neetha Ann Mary Sojan
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