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Back in the Day

When I was young, I never saw myself as getting older. In fact being older never was the center of any conversations I ever had in my youthful days. You know what I mean?

I used to think that when I reached twenty-one that this was the age my life would forever be centered around. I was independent, free, and healthy and I knew what I wanted out of life. I never even imagined that I would age in a way that getting old would come upon me like a sneak attack. It seems I woke up one day and "old" just jumped out at me.

I used to listen to my parents, grandparents and other aging relatives around me talk about their younger days and I used to think, "Get a Life?" There had to be something better for them to talk about. Well....now that I am where they were back in the days, I find myself doing and saying the same things I thought were just for those who got old. Some days I remember what I did or had to do but mostly what I remember is all the things I did back in the days.... What about you? Did you ever see yourself as getting old one day? And if you haven't and are going to think about it now, how are you going to deal with the situation when it suddenly becomes a reality? Share your thoughts with us...
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Remember back in the day, when we were young,
When we used to be able to do so much more than we can successfully do today, and when we could actually climb stairs and run?
And how about when we went to the store, we always remembered what we had to get.
We never needed to write things down on a list, we just knew what we needed and not one item would we forget?

Ha, today if I know where I am when I go out, and if I could remember what I had gone out for,
I wouldn't have little panic attacks or be in such a hurry to get back home again and be so thrilled to see my front door.
Hello, I left the house for who knows where...but...I didn't get lost so I assume I must have gotten there,
Because even though I don't remember where "there" was, I am thrilled to have made it home again and I am now safely sitting in my rocking chair.

Who knew that when we got older that things would be so hard,
And that when we went shopping, we would need map quest.com to get directions to find our way back to our cars?
And I am very thankful for GPS, as it helps me get where I need to be,
And even if I am not sure where I need to be is my GPS will guide me.

It is funny that I can remember back in the days,
But on most days, I don't remember, my name?
Just wish things could go back to those youthful days,
And that all of us could skip this aging stuff and be young forever...always!

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