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Believe You Can Fly

This poem describes the picture as to what I think the picture tries to depict.

Enchanted by the dark night,
The sea, the star and the sky
Little Mary asked her gran
"Why can't I fly?
If only I could swim sea or have stars
Why I am in dilemma, I just can't decide"

Her granny's lips curved into a smile
Her wrinkled face showed wisdom of life
"Let me tell you one story
About a little girl
Let's call her Jane"
The old lady's favorite name

"At the crack of dawn Jane would wake
Lie still listening to the waves
To the dolphins and the fish
And the chirp of winged species
believe you can fly,dream
The bright yellow rays
Called her forth
Outside the tiny window
Lay her dream world
Mystifying sea, enchanting birds
Each had a story she craved to discern

She wished to twirl with the sea
To surf the crystal water
She yearned to fly with robins
To search a new horizon
She made sand castles
With her hopeful mind
Wondering if she ever
Can truly explore the world outside

Her mind ventures deep into the sea
Imagining the life within
While the heart pulls her back to reality
Reminding of the awaiting kith and kin

"Stay" she cried
Her mind and heart had split again
The dilemma rising like a tide
Is breaking her nightmarish dream

This dilemma she faced everyday
Whether she should be quite or say
The feelings she has hidden for long
About how she wants to break free
From the knotted chains of love
Which her heart doesn't want to leave

The dilemma was not one but many
Should she do the expected chores?
Or the ones she dearly hoped for
"If only I had the courage," she thought

Everyday a war within her surfaced
As she tried ways to live through it
Torn between her heart and mind
The dilemma left her wilted

With every grey hair
Her hopes diminished
But a new dilemma emerged
And slowly her dreams were blurred
Left her with just
A vacant core"

The old lady took a pause
The little Mary was waiting for more
"If only Jane had the will and courage
The window would have been a door
The world outside would have been the world within
And beside would have stood her proud kins"

"So little Mary
Believe you can fly
Dilemmas will come
Don't be affright"

So the child went off to dream
About the sky she was determined to achieve
But the old lady's eyes had no sleep
She went beside the window
And looked at the dark sea
The same old noise of the beating waves
Still left her tingling the same way
But this time no dilemma
She had made a choice
Jane would not let little Mary be her vice.

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