Poetic Spree
A collection of poems that inspire & share a powerful message for betterment of humanity.



Hope the morning is fresh and amazing
Hope every sunrise is soft and energizing
Hope the day begins with lots of wishes
Hope every wish positively nourishes

Hope the morning coffee is tastier
Hope every sip triggers me to think better
Hope the breakfast gives me sufficient energy
Hope every joule of energy is in synergy

Hope the blessings of parents comes true again
Hope every blessing leads me towards more & more gain
Hope the first person I meet gives me Smile
Hope every person I meet gets my Smile
Hope the first day of college/work is clever
Hope every friend I make stays with me forever
Hope the challenges faced lets me act strong
Hope every action of mine never goes wrong

Hope the work done is appreciated
Hope every good work is recognized
Hope the efforts are utilized for the people in Reality
Hope every effort contributes to make a better society

Hope the fun and laugh with friends stays long
Hope every friend get along
Hope the Friendship is perdurable
Hope every fight results in making friendship invulnerable

Hope the girl I meet is the one
Hope everyone believes she is the chosen
Hope the love happens to both of us on its own
Hope every power in the universe makes her meet me soon

Hope the world remains safe
Hope every country is free from strafe
Hope the Hope instills belief
Hope every belief makes you relief

"If you don't have Hope then there is no Hope & No Hope is hopeless ever"

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