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Never Forget

Many times we look at ourselves when we are having a bad day, a depressing day, a what am I doing wrong kind of day, and we forget where we started from and how we got to where we are today. We forget about all the hard battles we have won on our life's journey and when we come to a new mountain too high for us to climb, we don't remember all the strengths we have learned and used to get us where we are standing now.

When we get to feeling in these "feeling down" kinds of moods, we don't remember the good we have done and all the hard work we have sweated through over the years, to overcome obstacles that were challenges for us, and how we were able to pull tools from the survival pools deep within ourselves to do what we had to do to succeed. never forget,succeed We need to look in the mirror a time or two, when we are feeling this way and stop and say, "Hey, I am still here! I must have done okay!" Pat ourselves on the back for continuing to keep facing forward and not allowing problems we stumble upon to set us all the way back to square one where we started from, and have to begin all over again.

We must never forget the steps we took that got us where we are today. What about you? What have you done to help you jump the hurdles you face today that keep you moving ahead and not back to where you came from? Share your thoughts with us...


We should never forget
All the steps
That we have taken to get where we are today,
If we have made it this far in life, well then, we are going to be okay.

We have taken many turns in life,
Some good, some that may have cause us strife,
But with the lessons we have learned each day,
We arrived to the place we find ourselves today.

It is good to look back and see where we have been,
And how far we have journeyed since we first started way back then,
And examined all the mountains we have climbed,
And how we have succeeded to overcome these, as there will be more mountains to face down the line.

So gather all the strengths and skills you have collected along the way,
That got you were you are today,
And give yourself credit for all the hard work you have done,
A contended in life's games you will continue to be, and you will run it with all you have, until you will have won!

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Jeanne Claire Probst
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