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The Sun, the Moon and the Stars

Most times when I get ready for bed, I sit on my bed and look out of my window. There is something about night time and peering into a dark sky that seems to help us gather thoughts: thoughts about our day, the new day coming, and perhaps, about any dreams and goals we might have. But tonight, my thoughts were on the moon and the stars that beautify the night sky and how they give me a sense of security as I view their shadows on my bedroom wall.

You really can't see what is out there in a full sense, but the moon and the stars cast just enough light for you to know that they are there. There is a peace about this scene that I have seen many times over, even for years. You can count of what is behind this darkness, the moon and the stars because "our Creator" has fulfilled His promise that the moon and stars would be here forever.

When I meditate while enjoying the majestic lights, it helps me to know that I am never alone, that life does have a purpose. And, as I wait for the morning Sun, I will continue to try and find my place in His purpose and use my life to the best extent I can.

What about you? When you look up at a darkened sky at the end of your day, what does it say to you? Share your thoughts with us...
the sun,the moon,and the stars,purpose

When we peer up at the sky above
We see, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars,
A testimony in the sky for years to come,
Hanging there for us to see and proof of God's unending love.

The Sun keeps us warm,
Helps our food to grow,
Gives us the right vitamins we need,
And generously supplies us our light each day so that we are able to see.

Now the Moon too hangs there every night,
And gives off just enough light,
That we may maneuver about our way,
It's gravity helps us on earth to stay.

The stars - there are so many millions we can see,
That help us navigate when we travel the seas,
They also allow us to think deeply and we want to know,
What makes them so bright and why at night they glow?

The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars,
All magnificent as they stand,
In their places in the sky each day,
These are proofs of a Creator so grand that can guide us successfully in every way.

But only if we listen so
To how God wants our steps to go,
And learn to obey the best we can,
So that like the Sun, the Moon and the Stars we too will forever stand.

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Jeanne Claire Probst
Jeanne Claire Probst is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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