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Getting enrolled for a relationship is not a part-time job

A person usually thinks that he/she is not wrong; it is the fault of the latter person. However, he/she forgets that the latter person also thinks in the same way and for him/her, the prior person is the second person. In a relationship being right or wrong hardly matters, what matters the most is the loyalty and bonding between the couple.

All of us know that the weakest part of ourselves is the emotional bonding present inside us. No one can deny that he/she does not have emotional bonding inside him/her. If you think that you do not have that then ask yourself. Do you love your parents? Do you care for anybody? You will definitely find it within yourself. It's God gifted. However, if you do not control your emotions, then it might lead you to be in a big problem.

I have seen so many couples and everybody has their unique love story. I found something new in every relationship. If you are living and had lived a love relationship, then you can feel how much it pains when you have to pass several days without talking with the person you love. If you are not in a love relationship or never had any then imagine somebody about who you care about the most and think how much you will feel if that person does not talk with you.

We do not know what people could think or do, if they are in love with someone. I know that a person, who does not have experience about this type of relationship, might laugh at her. However, if you have any kind of experience about this relationship, then you might say that feelings can do anything. In my opinion, we must enjoy every moment of our life to the maximum possible extent we can, but up to the legal limits only, so in future regression does not takes place in our life. We should control ourselves.

We should love ourselves first before loving others. We should try to live happily in every situation of our life. That is a mark of a perfect human being. I would like to share some tips for living a successful love relationship. Please note that these tips are not easy to follow, but I guarantee if any couple follows these then they will live happily together. All these are my point of views and it is not mandatory that you have to follow these. If you feel that, it will be worth for you to follow this then do follow, otherwise ignore. At the end of the day, your decision is the best one for you and I do respect your decision. I hope that you will like the following tips. Let us look into my views to live a happy love relation.

1. Always keep the adjustment feeling within yourself. Try to adjust with your partner in every situation because he/she should be the first priority for you.

2. Treat your partner as your family members because your destiny is to marry him/her and after marriage, he/she will be your family member. Hence, start living like it. However, do not dare to do something which you are not supposed to do before marriage.

3. Share everything of your life with your partner. No matter whatsoever it may be. Remember a true relationship remains forever.

4. Do not wait for your partners' request for forgiveness. Clear your doubts before it takes a big picture and you cannot make everything perfect for both of you.
getting enrolled for a relationship,emotional bonding
5. Teach your partner everything you can because you love your partner. You should teach him/her everything you can, as it will make him/her more mature and an experienced person.

6. Do not fight for too long for any reason. I am not telling you that do not fight. Fighting makes people closer. However, if you stick to your fight for too long then it creates distance between you and your partner which leads to misunderstanding, pain, sometimes breakup, and all negative things.

7. Try to make your partner happy. You should do this because not everybody has somebody to love him/her. You are lucky to have a person who loves you and you should make that person happy by doing everything you can.

8. Treat your partner as the first priority for you because he/she is the one who is with you in this world. Out of billions of people, only one person is your partner. After your family members, he/she should be the most important person for you.

9. Love your partner in every situation because your partner loves you for what you are and situation should not make any impact in your love relationship. Remember good and bad situation will definitely knock in your life and you should not behave badly with your partner in your bad days.

10. Do not dare to create distance between you and your partner. If you do so then you might lose him/her because intentionally created distance remains forever and after some days, you will not be able to come close again.

11. Discuss your daily activities with your partner. People discuss everything with their spouse and you will marry your partner. Hence, start behaving like a spouse (Note: Legally only).

12. Trust your partner. It happens several times that people do break up because of misunderstanding. I request you to clear your doubts whenever you have any. It better that you clear your misunderstanding before you lose your happiness.

13. Always think positive in every situation. People think about the negative aspect of love and lose their partner. Remember everything is inside our mind. If we think about it with a positive view then it becomes positive and vice-versa. However, positivity will give you happiness and is good for your love relationship.

14. Be taken for granted for your partner. Some people say that do not be "taken for granted" for anybody. I agree with them but I prefer that you should be "taken for granted" for your partner. Your partner should always have the trust that you will be with him/her in every good and bad situation. He/she should ask you for anything he/she needs. It is necessary.

15. Be flexible. I mean to say that manage things in consideration with your love life. Everything you plan should be flexible. It brings happiness to your love live and your partner will feel proud to be with you.

16. Do not do several experiments on your partner. People do experiments to check loyalty, nature, behaviour and many things. It is necessary. However, if any partner does it on regular interval then it turns to be a big issue between the couple. It might become too serious and you might not be able to handle it. If you have faith in your partner then experimentation is not necessary. It is not wise doing so. Remember excess of anything is bad.

17. Tell your partner that you love him/her a lot and you cannot live without him/her. Some people do not say this because of several reasons but they should say this. Your partner will feel very happy hearing these words from you and you will get closer with your partner. Your partners' happiness matters a lot and it is easy to make him/her happy. Just be simple and love from the bottom of your heart.

18. Try to meet your partner whenever you manage time. It is necessary to meet your partner because it gives you time to understand about your partner and at the same point in time, you come closer to your partner. The most important thing is that your love life becomes more interesting and enjoyable when you meet your love.
19. Give your support and care to your partner. Everybody needs somebody's support and care. Your partner also needs them. You are the best person to give support and care to your partner. It will make him/her feel that you are the world for him/her. Hence, your love relationship will become stronger.

20. Do not say any painful words to your partner. People do say harsh words when they become angry. Please think before speaking any painful words to your partner because it will definitely hurt him/her and I know that you do not want to make your partner feel bad and cry. Hence, do not do this.

21. Please respect your relationship. Some people do not respect any relationship. However, in a love relationship you must respect your partner because he/she going to live with you and he/she loves you a lot.

I know that it is not easy to abide by these tips. However, you will find true lovers with these qualities. Loving somebody is not at all easy. You can think about using these in your love life. I guarantee that you will definitely feel some positive differences. I wish you get the best person for you.

I wish you best of luck for your better and happy life ahead...

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Raghunath Jaiswal
Raghunath Jaiswal is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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