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Hypocrisy in our political times

2014 has been an eventful year in terms of politics. The last 2-3 years, especially, have been all over the news, social media and on every Indians' mouth (that includes a chaiwala to a BMW driving executive).

Battle lines which were blurred from ages got clear. Camps began showcasing their arsenals and firing on all cylinders. Politics was the buzzword and rightly so, India seemed finally awake to issues like corruption, rape, inability of ministers to deliver. All the moves by the politicians were under the radar.

This was the part of which every Indian should be really proud about. Indian youth finally had a vision of development and was willing to fight for his right. After all he is a citizen of the World's largest democracy.

But here's the catch. (There's always a catch when it comes to politics).

The battle lines, the camps and ideological battles got more and more specific, targeted and got spread from being just display of point of views to becoming hardcore "fan boys" (even more than what Rajni fans claim to be) and believe me it wasn't limited to just one side.

The idea of democracy keeps getting challenged every now and then, but the campaigning around this time actually redefined a lot of these parameters.
hypocrisy in our political times,ideological battle
The government ruling the country was challenged, shouted and even abused for each of their wrong-doings, which are far too many to be listed. Every move was put under scanner, skeletons were dug up and a lot of political gimmicks took centre stage. All of this was done by each of the opposing forces and highlighted by the media. Some even pointed out biases by each of the media houses as well to describe their innocence and adding another excuse to the ill-treatment meted out by the media to them.

Time went on; elections became more of a marketing promotion scheme, where one brand scored over the other by winning more number of votes. And a new government was formed. So, if you wonder what has changed? Except new faces and names of politicians, nothing has changed.

The same opposition party (which is now in the government) now continues to toe the same lines when it comes to price rise. Ironically, the highlight of their campaign was the same price rise issue against the ruling party. Nothing changed, even the sight of a suffering common man.

Sadly, this remains out of bounds for the fan boys, who continue to dream of a changing India and are now busy propagating the line that "country needs development and for that price rise is essential". Wow!! So much understanding??!!

Where was this when the previous government was making similar decisions? Anyways, if this understanding does not highlight the kind of hypocrisy that these followers (aka fan boys) have, then nothing else will. Everyone was right to blame the previous government for price-rise, but this government which "promised" to change it all, now has the right to do it all?
I haven't used names anywhere in the article. Of course, it is no-brainer to whom I'm referring to. The main reason is, now even my thought process or criticism would be questioned. The same set of people who would abuse other politicians, are now ridiculing any criticisms regarding the government.

Hypocrisy could not have had a better example.

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Mohammad Farooq
Mohammad Farooq is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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