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How Living Green Took Off

Most of us spend our lives dreaming for something but doing something else. A few of us have the courage to dare, jump and start our own business organisation. The risk is immense but the joy is even more. Prateek Tiwari is an agriculture graduate and a MBA pass-out from a premier institute. Having a robust corporate experience he wanted to do something innovative, new and something in which he could put his heart into. He could continue his career in the corporate sector which was rewarding, growing and challenging. But he chose the difficult path of doing some pathbreaking and trendsetting work. Taking the decision of entrepreneurship leaving plush jobs does require family support also. Prateek is fortunate to have that. The initial period of entrepreneurship is the period of tough challenges, difficulties and scarcities. However, entrepreneurship offers the advantage of you doing what you love. The passion to do something new and remarkable is not only essential but it is the driving force for entrepreneurship.

Prateek explored many options; he was having a few ideas in his subtle mind:-

1. Doing something which could contribute to sustainable development

2. Contributing towards the environment, ecology and well being of the world for generations to come
how living green took off,innovation,entrepreneurship
3. Solving some acute problem through innovative applications of technology

4. Helping people in preparing themselves for the challenges of tomorrow

5. Identifying business possibilities where he could use his strengths and innovative capabilities

How to combine all these into a single bundle? But Prateek did it. It is 'Living Green'. It's an innovative concept and there is a need to work on the technical aspects. Prateek uses his expertise, past experiences and discussions with the expert. There are many issues.

The problems that people confront are as under: -
  • People want to grow vegetables without using any pesticides
  • People want to eat healthy food and lead a healthy life
  • People love greenery and wish to enjoy that in their surroundings
  • The concrete roof tops contribute to the heat and climate issues; however, these concrete roof tops can be converted into vegetable gardens which can grow sufficient vegetables for a family.
  • With appropriate technologies (like drip irrigation) a system could be developed which requires lesser usage of water.
  • Since the garden has to be installed on the roof top it has to have less weight and no leakage. Thus it required a different type of soil and proper plastic coatings to ensure that there is no leakage.

Mr. Prateek worked on all these issues and prepared a technology prototype. With his innovative approach and continuous experimentation he was able to prepare the product that could click. Solving multiple problems and addressing multiple issues through a single product is what can be termed as the innovative instinct of entrepreneurs. But starting a new business is not an easy task. Prateek had to work on the following aspects: -

1. Preparing a robust business model

2. Getting some supporters

3. Getting some funding agency for starting the business
Prateek soon found a person who helped him in all these - Mr. Naren Bakshi. Mr. Bakshi is settled in the USA and he is an angel investor (an angel investor provides initial capital to an entrepreneur and helps him in the beginning stage). Mr. Naren Bakshi also shared a similar vision and they both created the synergistic platform for the company "The Living Green" to kick off. Prateek Tiwari picked his team to include highly motivated and creative people. He himself would work tirelessly along with his team to start the journey.

The company soon started operations. Mr. Naren Bakshi is one of the important pillars of Tie (The Indus Entrepreneurs) and when he visited Jaipur, he and Mr. Prateek made impressive presentations before the industrialists. He also got a contract from the government of Rajasthan to prepare large green walls in government buildings which are the largest of their type in North India. The people who installed vegetable gardens on their roof tops found the ideas worth spreading. The innovative ideas soon spread and now Prateek doesn't have time.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazin

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