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i3 Season 3, Bangalore - 8th conference

Lessons for lifetime from our favourite mentor.
i3 Season 3 in Bangalore celebrated the 8th conference which was the most heart touching and inspirational conference. It was one of the most amazing conferences not just in i3 but in everyone's life which made everyone emotional, as well as get inspired. We were all blessed to have Kunal Taswala sir as a counsellor, the person who is the guiding lamp for us, as well as our favourite mentor. The person carries a smile in spite of facing a lot of struggles in his life and we delegates respect him whole heartedly and by listening to sir's story we learnt important lessons of life.
i3 - 8th conference
* Never compare yourself with people below you because no one is below you; instead they will be better in some other way
* Trust your mentor: everyone should believe in their mentors
* Value of money and time: In the world everyone needs these two important things; money comes and goes but time if once lost doesn’t come back again
* Value of each and everything: in this world everything and everyone has a value 
* We should give our best in every single work we do with a lot of determination
* Be ready to face the challenges because challenges come to those who are in the way to success
* Everyone must think that it is temporary pain for permanent happiness 
* No challenges can defeat us because we are stronger than those and each of us have the power to face the challenges
* Life is not easy but not impossible either
* When we don't have something we start valuing it
* Whenever we are in struggle think that something better will happen in our life 
* Commitment to work is important no matter what it is or how it is
* Never break the trust because each and every person lives believing in trust

Kunal Taswala sir is just amazing and we believe that the day of his parents seeing his terrific achievements and feeling proud will come as soon as possible. We felt really great listening to his story and have no more words to explain it. We really love Kunal Taswala sir and this inspirational story will remain in everyone's life!

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