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11 things highly successful people do differently

What is it that sets apart the highly successful from the rest? Is it what they eat? Is it what they do? Well it might be, and in this article I don't talk about what they eat or what they do, but about WHO they are.
1. They are highly energetic: I'm not talking about being all bubbly one day and all cranky the next day. I'm talking about consistent high energy day after day, great enthusiasm towards work and life, positivity, belief and faith that the universe is on their side- even when the odds are stacked against them. Consistent high energy levels serve as a fuel to keep their environments positive, which is the first step to success.

2. They focus on what is in their control: How do highly successful people achieve the seemingly impossible? By focussing solely on what is in their control, and making sure they give their very best to whatever is in their hands. This ability to completely focus on what is in their control sets apart the highly successful from the rest, since most people are sidelined by what is out of their control.

3. They plan effectively: They know the timeline they have to achieve a given task, they also know the resources in hand. Their planning is layered, they depend on who is dependable, they plan for the best and yet genuinely prepare for the worst. Their plans include backups, any setbacks that they may encounter along the way, along with a few pillars who they can trust without batting a lid if worst comes to worst.
4. They are loyal: They are loyal to their superiors, to their coworkers, to their families. They take the back of their juniors if need be, they take the beating from the seniors when it is truly their fault. And this earns them the loyalty of their juniors in turn, for when you see someone being loyal to anyone, you know their values are in place. As Simon Sinek aptly says, people don't do business or work with you for what you do, they work with you for why you do it, for the person you are. Loyalty as they say, cannot be bought, and this class of people are
the most loyal you will ever find.

5. They have infinite patience: They never run out of patience, never, ever, ever. Sure once in a blue moon- and I really mean BLUE moon, you get to see them blow off steam, but normally, they are way ahead of the average person on this road. If a subordinate is bringing the roof down, they handle the situation in a calm manner. Anyone working with them is bound to be inspired by the patience they possess, to handle things and guide those around them to the right path, without being in a hurry.

6. They let go: Of people who aren't on the same page, of things that aren't serving their purpose. They are comfortable to let go of those who don't believe in what they believe in, of people who have rigid mindsets who don't come halfway to meet them. They let go of habits which served them well yesterday but today isn't, they comfortably evolve outside the comfort zone.

7. They take ownership: The highly successful class of people are those who take complete responsibility for what happens in their lives. They take ownership for what they do, and they're willing to better their yesterday's work and values if it needs betterment. They take initiatives and accept responsibilities even when they already have a lot on their plate.

8. They have high EQ: They're great at people skills and people management. They understand when anybody has a genuine problem. They can put everyone at ease, and make people feel comfortable and understood. This factor sets them apart, since EQ plays a very important role in how far you can go in all areas of life.
9. They are team players: A lot of people even to this day think that being highly successful equals individual glory, that couldn't be further from the truth. Highly successful people take one for the team, they take their teammates' backs, cover up for them instead of making them look foolish. They aren't intimidating or conservative- on the contrary, they're open and approachable,

10. They give away credit: It seems contradicting, but successful people have no problems giving away credit to those who deserve it. They aren't ones who steal or hide credit, they do just the opposite. They praise in public and criticize in private.

11. They don't see what is, they see what can be: Successful people see the diamonds in coal way before they're formed. When their subordinates or teammates or people in life screw up, they give them a hand to rise back. They see the best in everybody, they bring out the best in the people around them.

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Sandhya Nagaraj
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