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5 ways to make the power of speech work for you

It is slowly becoming known to the world that there is power in words and we have to choose them carefully, for with words we draw to us either magical things that can be life transforming or disastrous things than can be life taking.
When a thought first originates deep in the mind, it will only have as much strength as you feed to the thought. Thoughts have frequencies of their own, so each time you think of a certain something, the energy fields around you are interfered by the frequency of your thoughts. Your thoughts can hence either harmonize your energy fields (or aura), or cause disharmony. When they thoughts have gained considerable strength, the thoughts are transformed to words. Words have immense power of their own since words once spoken, are just that, spoken.

Here are five simple ways to tread with words carefully, and alter your life in a significant way!
Power Of Speech
1. Think twice before speaking once: Clichéd as it sounds, I want to give this one to Bill Watterson. In the eponymous Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin asks Hobbes: "Why do you think I can think talk half as fast as I can think?", to which Hobbes replies, "So that you can think twice?" Need I say more?

2. When in anger, say NOTHING: Whether you're somebody who gets angry often, or somebody who rarely gets angry, say nothing when in anger. Anger makes us irrational, and words uttered in anger will only add to disharmony. Speaking only after rationalising or after you've gotten the anger out of your system by a sport or a run is a great idea, not just for those who angered you, but also for yourself.

3. Avoid small talk: Gossip and small talk with friends, colleagues or peers in general is a waste of your time and energy. Talk about an idea, talk about something beautiful that happened to you during the day, talk about that stranger you saw who did a good deed, you get the drift. Talk about anything that elevates your mood and energy.

4. Appreciate with words: This doesn't take much, it only requires you to take notice. Don't appreciate unless it is genuine. So if it has to be genuine, you will begin to take notice of the good things people do around you. Appreciate people, they will love it, what's more, they'll come to respect and like you for noticing what good they did. (And while you go about doing this, you will  subconsciously build a mindset of tuning into seeing all the good around you, and I cannot begin to describe what a transformation that simple change will bring in. Try it yourself!)
5. Say Thank You: You've heard it a million times that if the only prayer you said was "Thank you", that would be enough. However, science now has more evidence. Brain scans of people who expressed gratitude on a daily basis showed healthier brains as compared to those who didn't. Saying thank you changes your brain. Literally. So say it!

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Sandhya Nagaraj
Sandhya Nagaraj is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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