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That four lettered word that the doctor prescribes, when you want to improve your health. Dieting doesn't mean you shouldn't eat nothing, it is simply switching to the 'right' eating habits to ensure you get your cholesterol back on track, or to build muscle or to achieve the desired. On a similar note, I talk about another form of DIET, called the information diet.
Information diets may or may not be a norm for you in life by now, but by the time you're done reading, I assure you, you will want one of your own.

First of all, what is an information diet?

Just like how a normal diet is about what you feed your body on a strict (or not-so-strict) regimen to help it, an information diet is what you feed your mind to help it sustain you better. Plain and simple.

Why the information diet?

We eat the dominos cheese burst pizza and know that we have to burn it off. But we watch a horror movie and don't know what effect it has on us. No, I'm not talking to only the ones who scare easy, I'm talking to all readers in general. The discerning reader am sure is aware that a movie is just a movie, and won't take it to heart. Or so you think. What about the different vibrations you were exposed to, what about the noises that made your hearts resonate with fear? What about the energy alterations it caused in you? All these can be taken care of, but to what extent are you taking care?
Information Diet
Horror movies are just an example. I have lots of friends who love horror movies and laugh them off. What I really am talking about, is the polluted information we consume day in and day out, and why just like healthy food for the body, we ought to give healthy food for the mind.

What is the best information diet to follow? (Woot. For better brains, and a better life!)

There is simply no ONE information diet that will work for all. I will list below a general set of guidelines to follow while you are on your information diet, with additional inputs on how to customize them based on your needs!

1. Don't watch Television: Unless you're watching something that informs while it inspires, or makes you laugh, it just is NOT worth your time. You don't need the family dramas that are aired on the serials, or the depreciating humour that half the channels sell as "entertainment".

Travel stories, music and dance talent shows, gadgets, animals, cartoons, pure humour, pure consciousness and inspiration- GO FOR IT! Filter your channels!

2. Read Books: Books will take you to worlds you never knew existed, and you will only want to see more once you've started. For those who spend a lot of time commuting, audio books are a great option, instead of straining the eyes.
3. Keep a standard socializing time every day/week: This will help people know when you are available, and it will also help you focus. 24 hours a day is not meant for socializing. And there is no harm in letting it be known. A couple of hours a day on phone, a tad more than that for offline meets should keep you social and happy!

4. Mind your own business: What happened to the neighbour's sister-in-law yesterday? Unless this information is going to help you in some way, or unless you are going to be of help to them in some way, keep your nose out of their business. If you are helping somebody unburden their mind, that's fine. Just remember your freedom to judge ends where another's story begins!

Added to the above, you can read or watch or meet people of your lines of interest to get more information on the same, to add colour to your diet!

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Sandhya Nagaraj
Sandhya Nagaraj is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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