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Five things that will detach you from anger

We all have that one friend whose patience needs working on, who will go from normal to angry within seconds, but cannot go from angry to normal just as quickly. This article is for all of you, because patience can forever be improved.
1. Being mindful: Completely being aware of how you feel and what you think at all times will allow you to conquer your state of anger to a state of calm. Being mindful allows you to 'be' in the moment along with being a witness to it, which can immensely help shift energy levels.

2. Forgiving: While it might be hard to forgive the one who has angered you, it is essential. Forgive those who apologise, and forgive those who don't, for you forgive not for others, but for yourself.
3. Not expecting: Disappointment and anger are two emotions that mainly arise when things don't go the way you wish it did: when people don't respond the way you expected them to, when you won the second place instead of the first, when you lost an entire day to I'll health just when your workload was piled up. Stop expecting other people to respond in certain ways. Stop expecting things to go your way all the time. Stop expecting, and start living! 

4. Complete acceptance: Anger is also an emotion towards certain things that cannot be changed overnight, or certain things that cannot be changed at all. The best way to deal with the resentment or anger you feel towards these situations is to ACCEPT them as they are, and still love yourself and those around you with those things that cause you anger or resentment.
5. Meditation/Deep Breathing: Meditation helps you clear the mind, stop those infinite thoughts from running like a movie in the background of your brain while you continue to attempt to do important tasks in the foreground. Deep breathing forces you to focus on the NOW and takes your mind from the past and future which is where your anger generally lies, and this could be the one thing you needed to break that frequency of anger and go on to a higher one.

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Sandhya Nagaraj
Sandhya Nagaraj is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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