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The reason

Living in an era where we know God does not play dice, knowing very well not to be fooled by the randomness of events that just appear to be, we try to make sense of it all with reasoning. External events be spoken for, what about the internal factors, the reasons that drive us to be who we are?
The reason some people enter your lives, the reason some of them end up becoming your closest friends. The reason you love what you love, and the reason you run away from what you fear. The reason why somebody else may do the exact opposite (face fears), the reason they take the off-beaten path. The reason you admire somebody, the reason you abhor them. The reason you hold on to a commitment, the reason you break off from one. Reasons for everything, everybody's looking for them.
The Reason,Purpose of Life
Only, some people find their reasons before beginning something, some attempt to find them when the journey has already begun, and some look for reasons only after their efforts have either paid them off real big or have backfired unexpectedly!

I am no different, an inquisitive nature I believe is what makes life worthwhile, and we are all better off finding out the truth (however the truth appears to us, that is) about things that matter to us than believing in randomness.

The other day at a hospital I happened to visit, the queue was pretty long to meet the doctor. Waiting in the lobby and looking around, I found magazines with celebrity gossip and health related posters. Ten minutes later all the posters were familiar to me and I had learnt a few things, but I was also bored (for lack of a better word). For probably the first time I understood how it is to wait for your turn while you are sick, with absolutely nothing around you to distract you from the pain or the finality of an illness that is invariably going to run its course before you feel completely healed. I wished that the lobby had brighter colors, something to cheer the mood of people who're definitely in some sort of distress- which is why they're in a hospital. I wished I could find reading material on miracles in medicine and their breakthroughs, and articles that would just bring up the mood of the patients in general. And I found it lacking. If waiting in the lobby could get this boring, what about those people who get admitted and have only four walls and their caretakers around for days together? Wouldn't they want some inspirational content, wouldn't they want some humour to distract them?
A few minutes of laughter can bring relief unimaginable to somebody who has to resort to seeing just four walls while they have no capacity to go about doing what they want. A few articles which will inspire will in all probability be a silver lining to the clouds they get to see from their window. And thus in a place I least expected, I found my reason. The reason why I must continue to write, no matter what. If it even be one kid who would read this or other articles on or on any other inspirational site and feel slightly better in a situation where they are literally bound on all sides, if these articles can give strength in times of weakness, if they can bring upon a smile in a season of tears, if they can rekindle a flame in a soul whose fire is dying, then I think my purpose is served.

The reason I share my story is not just to talk about why I do what I do. The reason really, is to give you all a slight nudge towards the reasons you all do what you do in your lives. What's yours?

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Sandhya Nagaraj
Sandhya Nagaraj is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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