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Virtual To Real

Evolution is contested view point yet many of us believe it. It is because each one of us go through different stages in life that defines our evolutionary tendency.
To ‘what we read’ every day, and ‘each time we read’ is a sound lesson we behold…

Most of us who are logged in our accounts at the moment, must be reading something. But how many of us have ever wondered that how that very reading changes us and the soul that resides in us.

Evolution is contested view point yet many of us believe it. It is because each one of us go through different stages in life that defines our evolutionary tendency. Same is the case with our transition from the real world to the virtual. We can talk or access anyone by sitting in our lounge with just a good internet connection and a computer or a cell phone. This was a good sign of evolution in our lives but somehow it has missed to address our physical abilities to embark upon any endeavour and excel in it.
Virtual  to Real
The reason I am giving this extensive and (for many) exaggerated explanation is because each one of us has been through this. Modern technology and, particularly, the new media bring us so many opportunities and that too with so many rewards and recognitions that we could cherish forever. But, at the same time we get so entrenched and dissolved in the virtual world that later it makes us disconnected from the real world; the base of our existence. People lose track of so many things including passion, goals and aims.

But, fortunate are those who never let go the curiosity for reasons of things and evolution of our shift and reliance from real to virtual world. I have tried to find the reason, the best I could have explored so far and I have tried to simplify it for myself and am now sharing with you all.

One gets lost in the virtual world and abandons him/herself in this technologically advanced and interconnected world if and only if he/she stops the process of evolution necessary to get life going on a smooth track. The evolution process of our engagement in new media works as the process of extracting inspiration or lessons from the virtual world and apply them to life in the real world. For example you may have read on some website, “You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough” (Mae West). After reading it you hit ‘like’ button, share it on your favourite social media site and keep it as your motto on a display picture. All of these things are not wrong. The thing that is not right is when you only limit these lessons and inspiration to your virtual world and do not apply them in your real world.

My suggestion to everyone reading is to try to apply every single lesson you draw from the virtual world in your real world. I can assure you a very good travel of this evolutionary process then. One must never stop exploring new things, but one should also not abandon or limit oneself to those new things. One must return to original being and improve on living while learning at the same time.
So, get connected to the virtual world from your real world – learn and get inspired from what you observe – and apply them again in your real world. This process would not only improve one person but also would have a positive effect on the people around by creating unlimited sources of inspiration.

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Zoha Khalid
Zoha Khalid is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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