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6 ways to improve psychological health!

"Get into shape with a daily run!" Screams an ad on one of the billboards near a tech park. "Lose belly fat in straight two weeks with this magic pill!", screams another ad, which may lure only the desperate or the ignorant. But these ads are no shockers, EVERYONE wants to be in great shape and that's a good thing! Let's now talk about ads promoting mental health. "Lose depression in 10 days with these foods!", "Keeping your brain at 25, even at 75"... Anyone ever seen ads like these as often as the physical fitness ones? I didn't think so.
The world around us cannot stop talking about ways to get our bodies in great shape, and yet so little attention is paid to emotional and mental health of people, which absolutely needs to be remedied! Follow these seven steps to get a brain that'll keep you awesome:
psychological health
1. Practice Gratitude: Brain scans have proved that people who express gratitude on a daily basis have better brains, which in turn helps them to stay upbeat and young, irrespective of their age!

2. Smile: When you have a million reasons, when you have just one, or even when you have no reason. This is plain reverse psychology here- we smile when we're happy is what the brain believes, so if we smile we can trick our brains into thinking we're happy. (Brain hacks for the win!)

3. Protect, aid and care: Just like how at any cost you wouldn't poke another stick to an already existing wound, do yourselves a favour, and do the SAME for your psychological wounds as well. Care for yourself with all the love in the world, noone deserves it any more than you!

4. Stand up for yourself: When you're being misunderstood, when you're being taken for granted, when you think you weren't heard- stand up for yourself. There's a thin line between standing up for yourself and coming across as pompous and arrogant, make sure you haven't gone over the line!

5. Pamper yourself: It ain't just about keeping bad moods at bay. It's about great food just around the corner, about soul stirring music you chanced upon on radio, a euphoric experience you can never forget, a book that changed you.. it's about anything and everything that you love and because of that love, hate, since that's how much you will miss it if it's ever going to be gone!
6. Forgive, and forget: You don't have to remember the faults of another, God knows he hasn't put you on this planet so that you could track other people's faults. Forgive truly, and look for the good in people around you. You only see what your eyes want to see!

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Sandhya Nagaraj
Sandhya Nagaraj is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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