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Kingdom of Heaven

Five white stones coupled with blue
Lay embedded in the crown to give it a new hue
All who set eyes upon it spoke of how they were enchanted by its richness

Four marble pillars carved to perfection
Stood strong at the entrance of the palace in encryption
All who could read the carvings on them claimed to learn secrets of a bygone era..
Three scholars, highly knowledgeable
Adorned the court every evening
All who had heard them speak bowed low to the amount they knew..

Two friends, who'd give their life if it came to that
Were the ones with whom special occasions were spent
All who had seen them together vowed that this was friendship at the truest they'd ever seen..

One king, who claimed the crown,
Ruled this kingdom during love and war,
All those who were ruled by him, vowed they'd seen none truer a czar..

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Sandhya Nagaraj
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