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Staying Foolish!

He is considered a fool who travels to the ends of a rainbow,
In search of the pot of gold..
He is considered a fool who shares his bread with a stranger
When that's the last loaf he has left..
Stay Foolish
He is considered a fool who helps another in need
When his own knees are bruised beyond repair
He is considered a fool who attempts the impossible
Without knowing the price that he will pay to get there..

If in search of gold I'd travel to the ends of the earth,
I'd rather be a fool who travels wide and far..
If in compassion for a stranger I share my last loaf,
I'd rather be a fool who has faith in tomorrow..

If with love for the wounded I heal his soul,
I'd rather be a fool who can wait for another to heal my knees..
If in ignorance I began what the world believes cannot be done,
I'd rather be a fool who does it after having paid its full price..

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