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Why am I from a Backward Region?

Enough of Red-Tapism. Enough of Bureaucracy. Enough of Adhocism.
Recently a developing country (Cuba) took my attention. It is one and only country in the world, which has completely eliminated the possibility of transmission of HIV from mother to child. This must be appreciated. It has proved that a developing country can focus its resources on essentials and achieve miracles. I wish my country to learn from this. Can my country also move in the same direction and employ its resources to eliminate the following?  

1. Malaria
2. Diabetes
3. TB
4. Blindness

We have finite resources, but those resources coupled with infinite capabilities of our people can help us overcome all the barriers and we can achieve the status of a Malaria free country, a TB free country, a diabetes free country and a country without any incidence of blindness.

Why My Country is Backward?

My country is not backward, but I find that the people, who have got the power, have converted my country into a backward country.  When I read newspapers, I get shocked to read that a patient died just due to power failure in operation theatre or a patient died just due to lack of availability of medicines, or a patient died just because there was no proper diagnosis and improper treatment was meted out. We need to take up such policies that can ensure easy access of proper guidance, proper diagnosis, proper medicine and all these things are possible through the use of the latest technologies. Everywhere there is shortage of doctors. The patients are suffering due to lack of doctors while those who have expertise are either ignored or not properly used.  The people in power can use their power to let the country grow and enrich others also. However, they are doing all that they can to enslave this great country and convert it into the same terrible shape in which it was before independence. I will share one example to clarify my point:

I recently read in the news that a doctor from Pakistan came to India about 20 years back to save himself and his family from the atrocities that he was facing there.  Even today the doctor is struggling as he is not able to get the approval from MCI to start his practice in India. The authorities have created such laws and regulations which would not permit the doctor to work for a noble cause.
I recently met a bureaucrat, who justified education cess and other taxes imposed by governments. India is one country where a citizen has to pay for all expenses related to social security, welfare, infrastructure etc., and that is after almost 1/3rd is taken by government in the form of direct taxes. Another 1/6th is also taken as indirect taxes (in every consumption indirect taxes are added). Thus almost half of the earnings are taken away by the government. While in other countries, the citizens don’t have to worry about social security, infrastructure etc., it is not so in India. Even if a person has to take a water connection, the person has to pay some extra (over and above the prescribed fees and charges) to get the connection. An ordinary citizen encounters similar situations in almost all dealings. The government can easily modify this situation, but the government continues to justify higher and higher tax structure. We are creating a country, where honest and committed people are forced to think about possibilities of tax avoidance. Brilliant scientists and entrepreneurs find no incentive to work, and they are valued less than those who are good in tax planning. We must appreciate all the social entrepreneurs who are able to start charitable work in spite of bureaucracy.
Can’t we stand up and raise the voice saying, “Enough of Red-Tapism” and “Enough of Bureaucracy”. We all wish to play our roles in nation building. We all wish to convert our country into a great country through collective initiatives. Why should our government spend our hard earned money on creating inspectors and clerks, when we actually need entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and scientists? Even after six decades of independence, the government system continues to distrust and doubt the intentions of common people and doesn’t wish to give them the opportunity to prove their worth. Health-care, education, security, law and order and civic administration are the few sectors where we are completely dependent on government. However, unless there is radical change in the fundamental belief system and the approach to governance, there will be no major improvement. What is required is an incentive for creativity, innovation, excellence and a dis-incentive for red-tapism, bureaucracy and adhocism.

I Wish to Breathe in Open
I Wish to Unlock My Brethren
To be In a People’s Nation
A Country Without Barriers
A Country Without Limitations
Where People Come Forward
And They are Trusted
Simple Small Initiatives
Bigger Than Mighty Leaps
Collective Efforts
 For Crafting Common Destiny

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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