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What it is to be inspired

To feel alive is something everybody does not want to do. For when you feel truly alive, the joys overwhelm and so do the distresses. It is but a fact that joys and sorrows are a part and parcel of life, so why are we making truly living and staying inspired optional?
The most worrisome tragedy in life is the death of inspiration, where the value in living is lost and wild spirit ceases to cling to life. As if the eyes that had once seen and dreamed and lusted for color now glaze over and go forth unseeing. There is no greater sadness than the crushing of a soul, where fire that once burned oh so bright, dies and smolders forevermore.
–Brandon Elijah Scott, Eye & Pen.
It’s a magical moment when you’re forced to pause and your eyes flash bright while your heart builds with an unstoppable passion, and your mind starts feverishly wandering. In this euphoric haze of transient inspiration, your mind breaks through its walls, and potential thrives within – thought bubbles begin to form, and then coagulate, creating fresh, new and exciting ideas.

This brilliant transformation is available to all human beings, however more and more people close off the ability to become inspired, where the heart thrives and the mind dreams – whether from the death of creativity from an adventurous mind or the bending of the knee to an adult life without real life. It’s a terribly thing when a person gives up on their dreams, whether it’s for a career or because of a sudden lifestyle change. A life without dreams does not move forward, it stands still. What once was a nurtured beauty of cultivated wild possibility is replaced with desolation and unhappiness. You can tell when someone no longer dreams and no longer lives, because their eyes dim and they float along, never truly seeing, never really feeling. It’s amazing the things a person can do when the breath of life fills their veins.

As I continue to travel the world, more often than not, I see tortured, surrendered beings, waking, working, sleeping and repeating – but there are the rare and wonderful highlights when I am able to experience a person’s reawakening, where the light flickers back on and ethereal joy flows within a person. I see the teeth catching and the gears beginning to move, where dust once settled, a fire begins to burn again. I love watching a person’s face light up, especially when the moment of inspiration is so unbelievably strong that all sadness and disappear is forgotten in a flash, replaced with hope and mindful racings.
There are rare individuals that never lose the feeling of life within them, who have never given in to the shadows that leach their hope, happiness and potential... And you can have the life you have always wanted, just allow yourself to live again. If things feel too tough, too complicated, or too impossible – find a way to change your circumstances, whatever the cost. Because money and things do not dictate happiness, you do, and it’s your choice to focus on righting the way you live, so that you feel alive, full of hopes and dreams, and love, and happiness, and inspiration. Whether you just need to cut out that negative person in your life, quit that stressful job or sell off all of your belongings and lead a life abroad – do whatever it takes, or else you may find yourself upon your deathbed with the aching realization that you’ve lived a life unlived.

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