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Seven Things that Characterize True Leaders

Many people puzzled about what qualities that make true leaders; different school of thoughts have different views on this but here are my thoughts on what characterizes true leaders:

1. They die to Self

True leaders are not selfish or self-serving but people-oriented. They can go through discomfort in order to bring comfort to their people. True leaders make sure that their people are well taken care of. They are good shepherd.
Seven Things that Characterize True Leaders
2. They tell the truth

The popular saying that ‘’you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free’’, is very true with leadership. True leaders are in touch with humanity, they tell themselves and those they lead the truth therefore their lives are like open books and this saves them from scandals. They are humans so they have emotions but in all they take charge of situations. Telling the truth may bring you temporary unhappiness but it surely gives you everlasting joy. Truth and wisdom work together.

3. They have charisma

Charisma is a magnetic personal attraction that draws others to you, making them feel better about themselves associating with you. True leaders possess this nature and do not (heart) use it to rob people. Real charisma is developed by cultivating the nature that truly care about others.

4. They are committed to the course

True leaders work hard by giving their best in order to make the goal happen. They do not waver but stay focused on the main thing. True leaders don’t go to sleep until the deal is done and dusted. 5. They are givers

A leader is a giver and giver is a lover. What you cannot give, you cannot keep. True leaders give themselves wholly to service because leadership is service to the people and not self-serving. They truly give their time, talent and treasure for the betterment of all.

6. They are people of good character

Talent may take you to the top but character is what will keep you there. True leaders are brand ambassadors, they exhibit characters worthy of emulation because their lives are models to the people.

7. They do little things in a great way

Leaders are courageous and visionary. Great men never set out for greatness but kept doing little things in great ways and greatness crowns their efforts. True leaders are not subdued by the challenges of life rather they unleash the greatness within them and reign in life.

If you can diligently make these seven points part of your life, you will see your leadership ability become better.

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Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
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