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FinTech Expo 2016

The Tech Expo 2016 are delighted to announce that this years event taking place 24-25 October at 155 Bishopsgate Venue, London will play host to FinTech Expo event - a dedicated conference & expo designed not only to explore the hot new tech and innovations disrupting the world of finance but also educate on how to successfully implement FinTech & Blockchain within a Business or Enterprise.
FinTech Expo 2016
Topics covered include:

  • FinTech – The Financial Disruptor
  • FinTech in Context
  • Understanding the Changing Consumer & Digital Wallet
  • Enhanced Experiences within InsurTech
  • Understanding Blockchain
  • Blockchain in the Enterprise – beyond just finance
  • Bitcoin & Virtual Currencies
  • Regulations, Fighting Risk & Fraud
  • Real Use Case Studies across verticals
  • Immersive Tech in Banking

FinTech is disrupting sectors such as Retail, Leisure, Financial Services & the Enterprise through innovations in Mobile Payments, Money Transfers, Loans, Fundraising and even Asset Management. Soon no Business or Enterprise will succeed and flourish without the right FinTech services in place. Who Should Attend?

Founders, CEO’s, CIO’s, COO’s, CFO’s, Finance Managers, Heads of Finance, Heads of Strategy & Innovation, IT Managers, Investors & Entrepreneurs from Retailers, Enterprise, Financial Institutions, Technology Providers, Start-ups, Investors and all those looking to stay ahead.

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