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Innovate to Solve Problems of Common-Man

I will take you to a new world  - the world of innovations – the world of experimentation – yes I will take you to Dr. Y B Mathur. Dr. Mathur is a faculty member in Government Polytechnic College Bikaner. As a part of the polytechnic diploma, there is a provision for project work. Dr. Mathur is passionate about solving common problems through simple technological adaptations. He tells the students that some innovation should be done in every project. He sits with the students in preparing projects that can solve the problems of the society. He takes up local resources to prepare projects so that the costs are minimal.

His guidance, constant endeavours and inspiration has enabled umpteen numbers of really good projects. These projects have enabled the students to  sparkle a scientific spirit and deep practical insight. These students later remember Dr. Mathur for the immense support and inspiration.
Innovate to Solve Problems
There is solution for almost every problem – this is the spirit with which Dr. Mathur works. There are possibilities of new technologies beyond existing technologies. Local resources can be used to prepare and develop any product. Innovation requires constant endeavor and Dr. Mathur has infinite energy for innovations.

When Dr. Mathur saw army personnel facing problems of mobile charging (in remote areas near Bikaner), he immediately set on the task of preparing solar battery charger and prepared a cap, which can help in mobile charging (using solar energy). Bikaner is located on border to Pakistan. Army personnel have to travel remote locations on border to Pakistan, where there are very limited infrastructure and other resources. It is not possible to get mobile charged in these locations. Dr. Mathur is happy with his work and this is how he tries to help the society at large.

When Dr. Mathur saw his colleagues perspiring in summers, he immediately prepared a low cost air-conditioner, which he prepared out of used ice-box. This small air-conditioner prepared by Dr. Mathur requires very little electricity, very limited resources and just four liters of cold water to run.

When Dr. Mathur saw old people facing problems in Railway stations and airports in carrying their luggage, he set on the task of preparing small carrier. He has prepared a small carrier, which can help any person in carrying luggage. This carrier can climb on stairs also helping old people in moving through stair cases in Railway Platforms.

India is a country where majority of population is engaged in agriculture or related vocations. There is tremendous scope for improving the capabilities of people through technological enhancements in these fields. When Dr. Mathur saw farmers struggling through their hands in crop-cutting, he immediately started working on preparing crop-cutting maching, which can operate without electricity (as there is also shortage of electricity in Indian farms). The principles which guide Dr. Mathur are simple – the project should solve some real problems, the project should be based on low cost resources and technology should use local resources so that the cost is minimized. Dr. Mathur is a role model for researchers and teachers in the field of engineering. His passion should be spread across the country so that the common people can benefit from the expertise of technical people.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazin

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