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Just as Apo never paid attention
The changing trends too never paid attention
Busying himself with the task he knew best
His methods to him were the best
New wineskins did come, but he branded them unappealing
Their contents, he labeled unappealing
Little did he know that a time will come
Assuredly the unforeseeable time did come

When it did, all his products suffered
His daily sales unsurprisingly suffered
He blamed fate for his misfortunes
Though he should have known the cause of his misfortunes

He refused to accept the harsh reality
Benevolent suggestions never helped address the reality
Soon new products were all over the market
His once trusted products were out of the market
Just as Apo never paid attention

The changing trends never paid attention
Times have changed, step up and go far
Trends have, pay attention and go far.

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Michael Dale-Asiedu
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