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Peace In Peace Out - Empowering Minds for a Sustainable Future

Peace Revolution Summit

We live in a time where conquering and keeping sustainable peace appears to be a challenge that is hard to achieve. Constant conflicts occur at different scales in the world, which inevitably obstruct attempts to establish peace processes. Although living in peace is a common and widespread interest, it seems that we are increasingly unable to do so.
Peace Revolution Summit 2016
But, what prevents us from achieving peace? The great conflicts that threaten our time are often so complex that they escape our understanding and even the ability to see a possible solution to them. However, what would you think if you were told that the origin of all these problems is simpler than it seems and that its solution therefore, also should be easier to achieve? Would you believe the fact that the key to a peaceful life lies within each and every one of us as individuals?

There is a growing awareness among people throughout the world of the necessity to achieve inner peace in order to resolve the critical issues of our time whilst contributing to building peaceful societies. Recognizing this need, World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI) has been working since 2010 to provide world citizens, regardless their race, sex, age, culture or religion, with free and usable tools to support their own self-development and to empower them, standing for their choice to be the change they want to see in the world, with the firm belief that world peace can be achieved if each and every one of us works on our inner peace first and then shares it with our communities.

But how can we learn to work in our inner peace? Meditation is a powerful tool that can empower people to attain their peace of mind and boost mindfulness as a way to reach a balanced way of life. And there are more meditation practitioners than you may think!
Peace Revolution Summit 2016
Meditation practice improves our self-development and empowers us to make an impact in the world by supporting our communities to follow the same change making process to conquer peace.

Are you already inspired and wondering where to start in order to make a change in the world while empowering yourself? Then this is a great opportunity for you. WPI is glad to present you our Peace Revolution Summit Empowering Minds for a Sustainable Future, the first and only international summit that not only has a conference format but will uniquely combine it with a meditation retreat as a complement to empower the self development of participants.

We aim to create a unique opportunity to gather a thriving global community of peace activists and visionaries from different fields, such as entrepreneurs, artists, philanthropists, photographers, filmmakers, bloggers, scholars, teachers, students, civil society and professionals, in order to share their stories, brainstorm ideas, launch initiatives, and share an unforgettable experience of solidarity in unfolding our vision of world peace. Become a member of our vibrant international community! Join Peace Revolution Summit on a paradise island in Thailand. You will have a chance to empower your mind and cultivate your inner peace through meditation practice. Learn how to build peace by yourself, network with fellow change-makers on how to raise mindfulness practices to the top of the world agenda as peace building tools, and inspire others to start the change from themselves.

Your experience, wisdom and insights are needed if we are to build a world of peace for all.

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