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Teacher - An Inspirational Example

Mr. Ellenwood is an Advanced Art Design teacher at my high school. Advanced Art Design is also known as the glass class, and it is quite popular, not just because of the fun class but because of the teacher. So because of the popularity, Mr. Ellenwood's classes are always full and if anyone wants to be a part of it, they have to turn in their course cards early the previous year.

But, Mr. Ellenwood isn't one to just let this great amount of students intimidate him. No, he takes it all in stride and makes his class as much fun as he can. He has told me numerous times that he loves his job, even if he gets the occasional "knuckle-heads" that make it harder for him. He comes to work and does his best anyway, and his effort shows! He's only taken one day off in his ten years of working at my high school (a school which he also used to attend as a student)! Now that is the kind of dedication that inspires.
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The beginning of the year is a great effort demanding period for him- making sure there are enough of all the specific materials needed in the class available for everyone to use which can be really hard - but he pulls it off. He will be sure to get to everyone who needs help. As far as punishments go, he is a strong believer in karma (what goes around comes around) and if any student acts out rashly in the class or is doing something viewed as wrong, he'll give them a talk, but ultimately will warn them that the class has a strong tendency to hold the karma rule for all of its students. And since I've had the wonderful experience of having all four years of high school in his class one way or another, I agree that karma is a really big factor when it's involved with glass projects.

Things just seem to work themselves through just like he says. His patience is amazing, especially working with all of us crazy teens.

Since his class is so busy, he often compares himself to a goldfish because he has a slight tendency to forget what he was about to do, but he always remembers at some point, whether it being from his own memory or a student jogging it for him. He always has a good attitude with his students no matter what kind of day he's had. Sometimes he'll be yawning every moment he had because he will be so wiped out but he will still have no complaint when it comes to helping a student out when he or she needs it. He's always there for a student. Mr. Ellinwood inspires me to be as unselfish and caring as he tries to be.
I'm just so happy that I've had the privilege to help him as a teacher's assistant for the past two years after being a student in his beginning and advanced class for my freshman and sophomore year. It's been wonderful to experience how dedicated he really is - not just to teaching, but also to his students. He's been a great friend to me, having been there when I had hard times and I can't thank him enough for it all. I'm happy I could be there to help him these past two years.

Mr. Ellenwood doesn't just teach glass art, he teaches patience, kindness, caring and dedication with a touch of humor. He has been one of my biggest supporters as an author and I'm going to miss having him as a teacher and mentor when I'm off to college. I wish him all the best.

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