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The Loss That Is Forever

Considering this an 'all positive and inspirational magazine', I decide to put this tragedy into some form of lesson, first to myself and then to whomsoever it may concern.

I see everything around myself last month in the mood or rather enthusiasm to celebrate Mother's Day. There is no doubt that this day is so special for everyone. Of course, nothing in this entire solar system can ever replace or even come close to taking the mother's place. It's such an awesome and nostalgic one. (Yes, you got it right. It's indeed very 'nostalgic' for me) Everything seemed normal to me and even I wish to buy flowers, cards, clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery and everything this world can offer (within my financial limits of course) for my mom. Yes, she will make a little fuss saying that all this is not needed; all she needs is me to be happy etc. But I know for a fact that her daughter's efforts would really make her smile. Just then, I step back and I am reminded that- I am- A MOTHERLESS DAUGHTER.
the loss that is forever,crying soul
I cry- every time- I see a kid walking with his mother, when I hear someone speaking about their mother so happily, when I see some advertisement on the television depicting a mother, and this list just does not end. If you have thought in your mind that I am some cranky nut who does not know how to move forward in life, I would not fully blame you .But mind you, I am capable of wiping my own tears and if I was to prove this, I might end up being beaten up by my editor for occupying so much of space. Fine, I have bored you with enough of my crap, consider some more and here comes the content for the 'all inspiration' magazine.

Being a lover of paints, the other day, I was just trying to paint a snow clad mountain with a winter's dusky sky .I finished painting the sky pretty fair to be called as a sky and then came the mountain .I was trying to highlight the white to get the snow clad effect. I added as much of pure white as possible, but the highlight was still not happening. I wasn't able to get the desired effect. Surrendering to myself, I called my painting master and asked him for advice. Here is the lesson he taught me- he says 'there is no point in highlighting something. You can add as much white to it as you want, but it still does not work until- THERE IS A DARK BACKGROUND. Hence, the next time you see something highlighted and bright, it goes without saying that there is an equally intense darker background. So now when I see someone shopping with their mom and miss mine, I consider saying to myself that this difficult time is just the dark background which is helping me highlight my inner personality( maybe I am wrong, but this was the only way I found to quieten my ever crying soul). So my dear readers, who have patiently read this long article all through, I say to you that the next time you feel upset about the dark, please picture your highlighted self.

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Akshari Anchan
Akshari Anchan is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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