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Meaningful Friendship Is Just Not About Facebook Friend List. It's WAY More.

Most of us are in illusion of what a friendship today means. We have long forgotten the sense of feeling the depth of friendship and take the accepting of request and unfriending more seriously than real exchange of emotions and time. Sounds familiar? Read ON.
If you are reading this, then you have already glanced at your Facebook homepage to know your friends updates, if not, you need to start increasing your Friends List!

In this season, when you change your profile picture, you get 100+likes, and then you realize there are hundred friends or fans out there who you are not personally in touch with but who liked the pic! "Yippee"!
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Now what happens if your best friend hasn't liked it? Or your close buddies never checked your status. And what's this best friend, close friend, true friend, good friend all about?!

Well, let me tell you my definition, Friends are those who see only the stars in your eyes and never the wrinkles around them. Friends are those that even after you're done with college days and more than two years have passed by, ping you remembering your college crush.

Friends are those who preserve and cherish the wallet or the pretty bracelet, a snapshot of words you scribbled on the college table and all your naughtiness that makes them smile when they think about you! (And now your mind would be scanning amongst the 500+FB list to know who are your true friends ;)

A friend is whom you just met yesterday and felt you've known the person since ages! Even when you felt the whole of earth was against you and Heaven above opened towards you, Friends are those Angels God put in your life.

You may not have to talk to your friends for days, weeks or a year but on the day you talk to them you wouldn't stop talking. A person, who knew your past, believes in your future and accepts you exactly the way you are today. Truly words fall short to define friends.

So my tip for you today is to connect with old friends, give your Hi-Bye friends a genuine smile, plan an outing with those you want to hang out with or simply give your ear to a friend.

After all Friendship day was not meant to be celebrated only once in a year!

Stay Friendly!

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Rheana John
Rheana John is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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