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Living in the Present through Mindfulness

Sometimes we have a difficult time being present and living in the moment. We find ourselves thinking about the past or focusing on the future. These thoughts often overwhelm us and prevent us from fully savouring the present moment. They can also make us feel disconnected from our lives. One way to remedy this is to be mindful of individual moments.

Practicing mindfulness is a simple way to live in the present and get in touch with yourself and your environment. It can work wonders in your life and bring you clarity. When you are mindful of the moment, you are better able to notice the fullness of reality and the intensity of your experiences in life.
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Mindfulness does not have to be a difficult exercise or a chore. It is easy to achieve and brings many benefits. All it takes is a shift in your attention away from thoughts of the past or the future. Focus instead on the details your senses perceive. Just take a few seconds to really feel the moment.

Bring your attention to something in your environment. It can be the pages of the book you are reading, the grass you are sitting on, or the food you ordered at a new restaurant. Note how the pages of the book feel between your fingers. Run your hand through a patch of grass and feel its texture.
Focus on a single blade of grass.Is it smooth or rough?
Does it have a smell?

How does the food you ordered in this new restaurant taste? Is it hot or cool; spicy, mild or bland? Are you enjoying it?

Get lost in a piece of music. Listen closely to the melody, to every note and harmony, to the rise and fall of phrases in the song. Pay attention to how the music makes you feel. Does it bring you joy or sadness? Does it make you want to move or be still?

You can even practice mindfulness while walking. Just walk along and listen to the sounds you hear. Look closely at your surroundings. Focus on your breath. Breathe deeply and feel the air fill your lungs. Feel the heat of the sun or the coolness of a breeze on your skin. Feel the ground's firmness or softness beneath you as you take your steps forward.

Mindfulness is an uncomplicated and powerful tool that enables you to live in the present and get in touch with your day to day experiences. With a small amount of effort to be mindful of individual moments, you can reap great rewards. Living in the moment by practicing mindfulness can help you gain a deeper appreciation of life and connect with reality and yourself.

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Vilmarie Vega
Vilmarie Vega is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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