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I walk alone this deserted street
With thorns hurting my feet
Bound by the shackles of loneliness
I feel by life in a complete mess

Deep within is an alienated soul
With overwhelming emotions that are difficult to control
Battling the struggle of emotions and mind
I feel my life so confined
loneliness,control emotion
Heart thrives when I hear the message alert bell
But there's a message that reads "Airtel"
Expectations turn out to be in vain
But I have no one to blame

For I have experienced sleepless nights
Wondering what's wrong and right
All the tears that rolled down my eyes
Eyes now wait for a beautiful sunrise

Take away this pain is not what I say
Give me the strength to go along this way
Doesn't matter if I am alone
I will go on to be amognst the most known

Depression is just for a while
Won't let my any effort go futile
I will step ahead with dreams in my eyes
Even though if it's a journey of miles

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Rohit P Tahiliani
Rohit P Tahiliani is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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