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Under Pressure? Decide RIGHT

What more can you ask for when you get a chance to sit with your mentor after a long time and discuss until midnight the progress of life and the lessons for life? Well, it happened to me, and I am a little more than just eager to share what I learnt! I must adore my mentor because he not only taught in words but he taught it with a live example of his own. Blessed I am, to have such wonderful mentors in my life. Thanks a lot to both the Lalwani brothers!
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Life has its pressure enforced upon us every time. Not all circumstances are favourable to us at all the times and most of the times they just get designed to cause more trouble for us and put us under pressure. Deadlines, rules, laws, targets, restrictions, prohibitions and lots of such limitations always make us burn inside a pressure cooker. A student is pressurised if he doesn't score good marks, an employee is pressurised if he doesn't meet the deadline, a mother is pressurised if she doesn't make breakfast on time, the government is pressurised if there is social instability and such examples of people being under pressure can never end. Under such circumstances, most of us on most of the occasions yield to decisions and actions that can actually take the pressure off us. We would be yearning to clear the burden from our brain and will be ready for any route that is short and quick. At such times are when we make our decisions out of pressure rather than out of reasoning, and decisions made in haste without logical support end up to be the wrong ones resulting in negative outcomes.

Everything in life boils down to the simple choice between pleasure and pressure. Pressure is something that doesn't make us feel good and forces us to work to get out of it whereas pleasure keeps us happy and doesn't demand work from us. Hence people prefer to get out of pressure towards pleasure. At such instances, we are ready to take any decision that can ease the pressure without clearly understanding whether the decision would take us towards pleasure or once again under one more new kind of pressure. Here is where patience and proper thinking become essential to make the right decision. At the end of the day both pleasure and pressure are just feelings due to circumstances around us. It's better for us to be the controllers of our feelings rather than giving the driver seat to such feelings. Hence decisions need to be made wisely enough so that they aren't just leading us from one feeling to the other but are actually the right administrators for the kind of work we are involved in.

It's a very important lesson for us to understand that a pressurised mind wants to ease off soon rather than think patiently about what is right or wrong. Unfortunately, wrong decisions beget wrong outcomes. Hence it's necessary for us to think and take the right decision rather than just taking the decision out of pressure. Right decisions will not only relieve the pressure but also will bring out right results. Rational decisions backed up by right logical reasoning shall always be right decisions, to take our life in the positive direction of growth.

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