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What dreams may become!

When we are young, small and petite our dreams started off oh so large, exciting and impossibly amazing... And we grow older, and What happens? Some say life, some say reality strikes, some say you grow up or out of dreams...

I say nonsense!
what dreams may become,vision

In today's life with all the super technology, impossibly smart people, wherever you are, whoever you are, at any age you can find a dream, dream a dream and work toward it. Within the process of managing your dream you will discover it not only changes, grows and becomes almost tangible, but it becomes like a companion. I compare it to a relationship. You see (envision) it, fall in love, flirt a little, want to get to know it.. you have to take the first step to get to know it.. Don't you? Say "Hello Dream my name is __. I've been admiring you for a while..." Then figure out how you are going to turn your vision into a relationship. Once you are acquainted you talk a little, figure out what makes it tick, its likes and dislikes. Sometimes you figure out okay this dream is going to need some finesse and a whole lot of patience! A dream, like a bond between people takes one step at a time, hours of work, love, passion, endurance, fighting, dedication, hard times and the good times.

Patience. Push through it, you can never give up. The great thing about a dream, you can never fail. It might just become different in the way you envisioned it. You might love it for the different reasons you had hoped. But to love is a success; it gives you wings to achieve anything. If you want it bad enough you can make it happen, don't let excuses block your view. It is not always sun shine and roses; it takes tears, sometimes many, hard, long tears. But know it is for a reason. Most of all, you need faith and belief, not only in the dream, but also in the dreamer. Tell yourself there is no way I can live without you! Grab it by its gorgeous face and kiss it until it surrenders. And like a relationship you might need some guidance, advice, and assistance from others. Yes never be shy to ask for help - It takes a village to raise a dream I always say! Remember the boy never gets the girl - or vice versa, it's the persistence, charming, infatuated boy who gets the girl, the boy who will risk everything to have his dream, to make her his forever. Ask your dream to brace itself, for here we come!

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Carlyle Labuschagne
Carlyle Labuschagne is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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