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Young women entrepreneurs of India

Many Dreams, Many Ideas, Many Expectations, Many Successes, Many Failures, Many Talents, Many Problems, Many Solutions... All these mentioned "8MANYS" are the tests of life for the youngsters. Hard work always makes a person to succeed even though luck and faith matter.

The young women from India in this century are successful and they are equal to men in every field they choose. They are dreaming to be independent and have zeal and vision to get success in the field they chose. Many young women want to start their own business rather than working under someone. Many are successful by being an entrepreneur, by establishing their business and by facing challenges in their business. But on the other side some young women are facing problems like: Lack of confidence, Non-availability of finance, Socio-culture disturbances, Lack of management skills, Lack of education and awareness, Low level of risk taking attitudes. All the above mentioned problems are mostly faced by the youngsters who are all living in the rural areas, due to which young women are failing to fulfil their dreams.
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There are many organisations which are giving training on Entrepreneurship and making rural young women to start up their business. But still those young women are not successful due the main reason of CAPITAL expenditure for their business. As there is a famous saying that "Without money there is nothing in life", it is a correct saying only for those people who are dreaming to start their own business. Still there are many organisations which are providing expenditure with some terms and conditions, but the campaigning regarding these is less in rural areas.

There are 3 different kinds of entrepreneurs in India like Small, Medium and Large Scale Entrepreneurs. The small scale entrepreneurs weren't able to update themselves with the day to day expectations of the customers and are just questioning themselves that "What if I fail?" Medium scale entrepreneurs are planning to make their business develop, but they are lacking management skills. Large Scale Entrepreneurs are updated with the present technology, management Skills by which they are making their business throughout the nation. The Small and Medium Scale Young Women Entrepreneurs are successful within their place, but to get into the external world they need to get updated. We know only some Young Women entrepreneurs from India like Ekta Kapoor (MD of Balaji telefilms), Glory Benny (co-founder of Make a difference), Perina Qureshi (Founder of Perina's pop-up shop) etc. Besides them there are many young women entrepreneurs in India. But how many of us know them? As they are doing their business only within their place and weren't able to show case their business to the nation we do not know them. To eradicate these there should be some organisation.
The government of India has to plan to establish an organisation through which they should bring out the hidden young women entrepreneurs from every corner of India and showcase them to the entire nation.The organisation has to provide membership facility to Young Women entrepreneurs and should train and tribute by encouraging them by offering some awards in different categories of businesses.

The 8MANYS which I mentioned in the starting will be applicable to every youngster only when they complete their education and enter into work. The test of being Young Women Entrepreneurs by finding 8MANYS makes us failures, whereas creating 8MANYS makes us successful. So, always step forward to create and remember that determination of today leads to the success of tomorrow.

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Shruthi Patnam
Shruthi Patnam is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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